Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ESPN Panders: Devotes day to Tebow birthday

Yeah, we know, we shouldn't be reporting this and giving it credence because really, that is the only thing that our friends at the 4-letter want...attention.

The folks in Bristol reached a possible new low in Journalism today by making the day all about Tim Tebow's birthday.

Yeah, you heard me, Tim Tebow's birthday.

We are 100% sure that no other athlete in..well...history has ever had a network devote 6 minutes of their benchmark TV News show to their birthday.


Really, we don't have anything against Tebow, we are just totally nauseated at the 4-letter (ESPN's) incessant fawning over him.

We don't really understand why they devote so many resources to that one story other than they want reactions such as this. Yeah, on one level we get it "Sell your souls for page views and TV viewers", but where do you draw the line? It's hard enough to watch them anymore as it is. And we aren't stupid enough to think they don't realize every time they say his name, people will tune in.

But that doesn't always make it right. That doesn't mean you have to ignore 8,374 other "Good" stories in the NFL. That doesn't mean we have to get a "LIVE" Jets training camp update everyday. Outside of New York, really, nobody else cares.

It's a crime against..well...anything resembling journalism to have a "National" News or Sportscast and treat it as though unless you play for a New York Team, a Boston Team, an L.A Team or the Miami Heat, you don't exist. And yet every night (or morning) that is exactly what you do. And the rest of us scratch our heads and wonder "Will they ever cover my team?"

No, I divorce you ESPN, not that you care. I am swearing off your pandering to the "Lowest Common Denominator". I can get my Sports News plenty of ways. I will, because you force me to, have to watch certain games you broadcast with the teams I follow, but that is it.

I can follow along on Twitter and learn more than you will EVER tell me on SportsCenter. You were once required viewing for me every morning, you were what set the tone for my day.

But I have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. My brain will explode if I see another slow-motion shot of Tebow running in the rain. My intellect will melt if you force another Dr. Lou or Dr. North segment on me. I will throw a brick through my TV if I have to witness another testimonial on Penn State by Matt Millen.

Just stop. Please. Stop.

Herm Edwards and Marcellus Wiley, why must you participate in things like this?

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