Friday, August 10, 2012

No ruling in Vilma vs. The NFL--For now

Roger Goodell on the left

The curious case of Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma vs. Roger Goodell and the NFL will drag out just a bit longer.

That's because a Louisiana Federal Court Judge, despite telling Vilma's attorney she'd like to grant his request for a temporary restraining order, didn't do it.

Judge Ginger Berrigan held off making a decision today in a New Orleans courtroom that would have given Vilma the authority to return to his team, the Saints.

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You'll recall Vilma was suspended for the 2012 season by Goodell after he determined Vilma was a key cog in the alleged Saints Bounty Program.

Berringer decided to play it safe and wait until all of Vilma and his teammates appeals before an appeal board are heard and decided on.

Folks, specifically, those friendly to the Saints, need to just stand by. This about to become a major battle of lawyers and legalities and in the end, nobody will ever actually know if any of these allegations from either side are true.

And while Vilma certainly has nothing to lose here but a few bucks, the NFL, is probably getting REALLY nervous.

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