Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free Payton movement in Louisiana


This is kind of funny, we only wish there was a photo of it.

Apparently, a big New Orleans Saints fan and United Airlines Pilot was tasked by some Saints fans to fly a plane over the teams training camp in Metaire, Louisiana with a banner in tow.

That banner spelled out: "Free Payton".

The plan was hatched by a group calling themselves is doing this they say to draw the attention of NFL Commish The Jolly Roger Goodell. They want Goodell to rescind his 1-year suspension of the Saints head coach and they say they'll keep flying the plane until that happens.

Read the full story from the Baton Rouge Advocate RIGHT HERE

Uh...hope they have a lot of money, cause that ain't happening.

We admire the chutzpah for trying it, but they aren't getting Sean Payton back this year. Yes, indeed there are some indications that at least Saints LB Jonathan Vilma may get a restraining order against his suspension, but don't expect much more than that.

It's hard not to respect Saints fans for standing up for their guys, but they are "Tilting at Windmills" here, the league isn't going to back down. They aren't going to cower in fear. The NFL believes they are right in this case and if they really do have the evidence to prove the bounty system existed, then they are totally justified in doing so. 

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