Friday, August 24, 2012

Report: NCAA investigating Miss St. (Strange Doings)


This is interesting on several levels.

According to the Dispatch in Starkville, Mississippi, it appears the NCAA may be investigating Mississippi State over the purchase of a car for incoming freshman DB Will Redmond.

Redmond, who is from the Memphis area, allegedly got a Ford Mustang from a Memphis area used car dealership before he signed with Miss. St. in February.

The investigation forced the sudden resignation of Bulldog assistant Angelo Mirando who supposedly was only involved in the recruitment of one player.

Redmond was recently replaced by former Minnesota Head Coach Tim Brewster.

Read more from the Dispatch RIGHT HERE

The school and coach Dan Mullen haven't said much. They just say they've been cooperating with the NCAA in investigating a potential recruiting irregularity.

There are a couple of things that standout here. One, if Mirando suddenly resigned like this just before the season, something was wrong. Two, where there's smoke there is almost always fire. We get the school going on media lockdown, but things are leaking out.

One other thing to note, a separate report in the Memphis Commercial Appeal mentions the head coach of Redmond's 7 on 7 team has been questioned by the NCAA as well. And you can draw the line yourself, but that same team also featured Auburn running back Jovon Robinson. Robinson's recruitment is also under investigation by the NCAA.

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