Friday, August 31, 2012

Group Springs up to Protest L.A stadium plan


You knew this was inevitable. And to be perfectly honest, they aren't wrong for raising the question.

An activist group called "Play Fair at Farmer's Field" coalition has announced their intention to file a lawsuit against the state of California. Their beef: The state rubber stamped the plan and process which limits the time frame anybody can file suit challenging the project.

Oh...the group hasn't actually FILED the suit yet.

Senate Bill 292 says that any group who wants to file suit, has to go straight to the 2nd District Court of Appeals, not the city of Los Angeles.


ABC 7 in Los Angeles tries to explain RIGHT HERE

While it is certainly with the law for the state to do what they did, it just kind of looks bad. The impression is the rules are different for a gazillionaire such as Philip Anschutz if he's willing to spend half a gazillion to build a stadium and try to get an NFL team to play there.

Notice the keyword "Try"...

And while AEG is financing the majority of the project, it still comes at a price to taxpayers. One that some aren't totally enamored with.

But that is how it works with big boy sports. If you live in a city with an "Older" stadium or a city trying to "Draw" a team, you will be on the hook for a chunk of it. And remember these deals are being made by people who have enough money to pay for it themselves. But remember the old addage "Why spend my money if I can spend yours?" Well, that is how it works with Pro Sports and with Politicians these days.

Just something to remember this by.

Here's the TV story from KABC-TV:

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