Friday, August 31, 2012

Punting and Kicking in football: HS team says "Overrated"


You may have heard us mention Pulaski H.S in Arkansas before. They have a football team there with an attention getting M.O, and no, they probably don't have a special teams coach.

The reason: No punting and no kickoff's.

Pulaski's coach, Kevin Kelley, well, he says, his team doesn't need to do those things. He will sit there and quote you statistics that say, "Why bother?"

It must work for him. At least in Arkansas. Because his defending state champions have a rather large trophy to back that up.

And tonight (Friday), they step into the land of "Big Boy" football. They...or at least part of the team, is way out west. In Los Angeles to be exact, where they'll be playing Chaminade High School.

KABC-TV in L.A sent a reporter out to find out the secret to their success, it was kind of interesting:

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