Thursday, August 23, 2012

More reasons to hate ESPN: Skip Bayless (aka Ass Clown)


This is a little bit of a rant and goes somewhat counter to what we want to say here because we know that any acknowledgement of the existence of Pond Scum like Skip Bayless just makes ESPN more eager to keep him on TV.

The latest reason that the man has no business on TV or arguably reporting period is this: He makes a random comment about New York Yankees Shortstop Derrick Jeter on his show that nobody watches saying;  “How could I not wonder is he using something? If you’re Derek Jeter, would you think about using HGH right now because I would. How would you not? Would you not think about it?”


Was that necessary?

Yeah, sure, we fully understand that Bayless's role is to play "The Heel" sports guy. He tries incredibly hard to take the negative or unpopular viewpoint on EVERYTHING. It's what he's being paid to do.

But when you make comments like that in a place like oh, say New York, then you get a swarm of reporters who feel they have to report on it.

Which is exactly what the AP did. They did a full length story on it and asked Jeter point blank. And all of a sudden, Jeter has to defend himself as to why he's having a good season at age 38 after struggling last year. Mind you nobody has EVER insinuated that he might be associated with anything any time.

You can read the AP story RIGHT HERE

There are quite a few in the Sports Community who are pissed off at the AP for reporting this. And they should be. We shouldn't be giving low-life's like Skip Bayless the time of day. But yet we do. And inevitably someone thinks they should ask the same question.

And what is worse: ESPN feeds off of it. The more the Internet community and Sports community in general acknowledge this guy's existence, the more they try shoving him down our collective throats. Because that is what ESPN is slowly becoming. Not an organization that takes pride in high-quality journalism, which they do on occasion, but rather one that takes ANY publicity as good publicity and then repeats the cycle over...and over again. (See Tim Tebow's birthday)

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