Sunday, August 26, 2012

ICYMI: Tony Stewart was kinda pissed at Matt Kenseth

You might have missed this on Saturday night unless you are a "Die-Hard" NASCAR fan, and well, it was pretty funny.

During Saturday night's NASCAR race at the oval in Bristol, Tennessee, Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth got tangled up late in the race.

And while we aren't exactly sure how Kenseth felt about the wreck, which on the surface, didn't look like it was anyone in particulars fault, Stewart was pretty mad.

So mad in fact that he threw his helmet at Kenseth after the 17 car got pieced back together and headed back out onto the track. Stewart wasn't so lucky, his night was over.

We might also add Stewart told the assembled media shortly afterward that "I'm going to run over him every chance I get for the rest of the year"....

So, take a look at the video from It shows the wreck and then the throwing of the helmet, including the in car view from Kenseth's perspective, it's pretty funny.

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