Thursday, August 16, 2012

ICYMI: Ump Greg Gibson takes cleat to face


It hasn't been a good last couple of months form Major League Baseball umpire Greg Gibson.

In July, Gibson gained a measure of fame by receiving a Stephen Strasburg fastball to the "Nuts". Yes, the catcher missed it.

Now he's been cleated.

During Wednesday nights L.A Angels vs. Cleveland Indians game, Gibson was involved in a close play at the plate. The Angels' Tori Hunter was trying to score on a long base hit off the right field wall. Hunter hesitates, but then tries to score from third. The relay goes to catcher Carlos Santana who tries to tag a sliding Hunter. Hunter bellyflops and kicks his feet to the side.

That's where they meet Gibson's face.

Yes, he had to leave the game with a laceration. He'll be okay, just sore. And rapidly gaining status as an internet bloggers favorite.

Here's your video.


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