Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Music Video From Mizzou's Fifth Down - SEC Bound

Our friends from Missouri Fifth Down have another song related to the Tigers entry into the SEC.  This one goes country.

Did you pick up the reference to Mizzou’s success against SEC teams from nearly 50 years ago.  I wonder if their fathers were alive when Missouri defeated Florida 20-18 in the 1966 Sugar Bowl.  By the way the head ball coach threw for 352 yards and 2 touchdowns in that one.
Then they refer to the Alabama – Missouri game at Faurot Field in Columbia in 1978.  Yes Mizzou “wasn’t that bad” but the Crimson Tide defeated the Tigers 38-20 en route to a national championship.
In fairness Mizzou wasn’t that bad in ’78.  That team finished 8-4 and featured Kellen Winslow, James Wilder and Phil Bradley and ended the season 15th ranked nationally.
The Crimson Tide return to Columbia October 13th.  Things will be different.
Those of us in the OSG HQ are digging Fifth Down’s music videos.  Keep’m coming.

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