Monday, September 30, 2013

Mourinho Doesn't Like Questions About Those Not Playing...

((HT: Sky Sports))

Chelsea is hip deep in the Champions League and the Premier League and the Cap One Cup...
All at the same time... that's how it is over in Europe when it comes to soccer...


So, over the last few weeks, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been grilled over not playing Juan Mata. And once Mata played, he did well- saying all the right things all the way about making sure he found a way into the starting XI.

Now, that Mata is playing and Kevin De Bruyne isn't...
Mourinho is getting the same line of questioning and still doesn't like it...

So much for being ready for Steaua Bucharest...

Report: Texas AD DeLoss Dodds to Retire

(( perhaps reports the past couple of weeks that Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds retiring weren't so incorrect after all....

An explanation RIGHT HERE

According to a report by Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman, the Longhorns 76-year old AD will announce on Tuesday that he's retiring at the end of the season. (A polite way, we're guessing of asking him to leave)

And the countdown clock on Texas football coach Mack Brown has picked up speed.

Dodds, who has run the schools athletic department for 32-years hired Brown and has been in front of the schools exponential growth in the world of Sports.

Bohls says the University's president wants a replacement in place by December 1st. Interesting.

Read more from Bohls RIGHT HERE

This folks is the beginning of change for the once-mighty Longhorns. Over the past couple of seasons, despite the "Longhorn Network" funded by ESPN and lining the athletic department coffers, the football team has been an abject failure.

Really they haven't been relevant since the departure of Vince Young in 2005-06.

In that time, they've seen arch-rival Texas A&M not only leave the Big 12, but become wildly successful as a member of the SEC. They've seen their other arch-rival, Oklahoma continue a consistent  run of BCS appearances.

But the Longhorns, not so much.

There's already been talk they will and have reached out to Alabama coach Nick Saban, the biggest fish in all the land. We'd be mildly surprised if that happened.

The new AD, whomever it is, will have their hands full trying to quell a restless donor base not fond of being a less big fish in a really big pond. Combine the action in Austin with the Lane Kiffin firing at USC, just 5 weeks in and, well, we can't wait for The Coaching Carousel to begin this December...

((Note--Reports already are circulating this move is to get the process started on a coaching search. Texas appears to have become concerned USC will have a large advantage and early start before Carousel begins))

Here's Dodds, just two weeks ago, denying this would happen: (Thanks KXAN-TV)

Do Not Mispronounce Brian Orakpo's Name...

((HT: Awful Announcing/CSN Washington))

Apparently, Dick Stockton and Ronde Barber kept referring to the Redskins linebacker as "Orap-ko..."

Which did not go over well postgame...

Okay, the HQ considers itself warned, then...

John Daly= William Tell

((HT: pdawgthedrummer via Instagram/OKTC))

All the HQ can say is... just watch...
It fits John Daly (we almost said, to a "T"...) so well...

As we understand, Daly was outside a pizza joint in Nashville, went out into the parking lot, and smashed one...


DEVELOPING: UConn Fires Pasqualoni

Paul Pasqualoni has been fired as UConn football coach, as well as associate head coach and offensive line head coach George DeLeone in a busy day in Storrs...

Two weeks ago, the Huskies were within a play here or there of upsetting a completely unmotivated Michigan team at Renschler Field. But when you lose to Buffalo in the spectacular fashion in which UConn did Saturday, 41-12, this seemed more of an inevitability...
((HT: UConn Athletics))

“I am making this change in our football coaching staff now as we approach the conference season to see an improved performance from our football program,” UConn AD Warde Manuel said in a statement. “I am disappointed in the record of our team thus far, but I am confident that our coaching staff and student-athletes will continue to work hard to improve and that will be reflected on the field of play as we start our American Athletic Conference season.”

The school is holding a press conference this afternoon t name an interim coach...

Looks like it's going to be offensive coordinator T.J. Weist, defensive coordinator Hank Hughes or tight ends coach Mike Foley will assume the role.

Pasqualoni will receive a $750,000 buyout after a 10-18 record- which includes a loss to I-AA Towson...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Henderson Alvarez Throws No-Hitter and Wins on Wild Pitch

This is crazy, but it really happened.

Henderson Alvarez of the Miami Marlins made a bit of no-hit history this Sunday afternoon. The 23-year old Marlins pitcher not only threw a complete game one-walk, no-hit shutout, he had to wait until the bottom of the 9th inning to get the win.

The Marlins beat a Detroit Tigers lineup filled with back-ups 1-0.

That winning run scored ironically on a wild pitch by Detroit reliever Luke Putkonen. Giancarlo Stanton scored from third base while Greg Dobbs was at bat.

According to reports, not only was it the first no-hitter to end on a wild pitch, it was also the first walk-off no-hit win since 1952.

The win ended an otherwise dismal season for the Marlins who end with a 62-100 record. But with Alvarez and a host of other young pitchers including probable rookie of the year Jose Fernandez, the future for the Marlins may foretell of better days to come.

Video of the final pitch and end of the game:

Browns Legend Bernie Kosar Gets DUI Charge


It's been a strange, strange fall for former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar.

Kosar, who doubles as an occasional commentator for Browns games, found himself in trouble early Sunday morning in a Cleveland suburb, when he got pulled over and charged with DUI.

Read more from RIGHT HERE

Kosar made some headlines during the NFL preseason in August on a Browns broadcast vs. the St. Louis Rams. He was highly critical of Rams coaches and wide receivers, something which angered Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

You can read about that incident RIGHT HERE

He's been a part of the Browns broadcast team for the past 7 years. No response or comment yet from the team on what happened.

Kosar has been very public over the years with his battle stemming from the effects of multiple concussions during his football career. He's also had financial problems as well.

Hopefully, for his sake, this was a very unfortunate mistake rather than an indicator of a problem. Thankfully this incident only involved him.

Lane Kiffin Canned As USC Head Coach--UPDATED WITH DETAILS

USC athletic director Pat Haden has seen enough of Lane Kiffin as the head coach of the Trojans.

USC athletics sent out this tweet:

 Haden broke the news to Kiffin when the charter arrived back to Los Angeles after USC was pummeled by Arizona State 62-41. The Trojans are 3-2 this season.

Kiffin's overall record in 4 seasons was 28-15. He got a lot of flack at the end of the 2012 season when he essentially fired his father, defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

((Update--Per @InsideUSC, writer Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News, it appears the firing happened when the team plane landed early Sunday morning at LAX. He was pulled off the team bus and notified--

USC announced that athletic director Pat Haden will hold a Sunday afternoon press conference where it's expected he'll announce an interim coach and the school's plans moving forward.

((UPDATE 11:45am---ESPN reports former Ole Miss coach and current USC assistant Ed Orgeron will take over the team for the rest of the 2013 season))

Haden had supported Kiffin the past few weeks when others were calling for his head.  While Southern California was off to a 3-1 start heading into Saturday nights game against Arizona State those wins were very uninspiring.

Losing to Washington State in the L.A. Coliseum 10-7 in the second week of the season was inexcusable to Trojan fans.  Barely defeating Utah State 17-14 at home drove those fans crazy.

Haden stuck with Kiffin.

Then Saturday night during USC's first road game in hostile territory the Trojans rolled over and died.

USC's defense, which was one of the nations best, gave up 612 yards of total offense to Arizona State.  To add insult to injury the Sun Devils put up 62 points on the Trojans.

At times the Trojans looked uninterested and showed no enthusiasm.  Lane Kiffin looked like he was staring into space, almost totally lost.

Haden had seen enough.  The USC brand is way too important to college football.  It's the gold standard on the west coast.

God forbid that school in the powder blue, UCLA, should over take USC in L.A.

The move was made.  Lane Kiffin is unemployed before the season ended.

Now the question is what kind of rebuilding job is at stake for USC to maintain their brand in college football and out west.

Some heavy lifting is needed.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Now We Know Why This Earned A Helmet Sticker, An Incredible Pick 6

((HT: Andy Stabell/Mercer Football))

The only thing the HQ can say is:

This is how you make national television... a double-deflection, running 100 yards east-west-north-south, and slipping a handful of tackles before getting into the endzone for a pick-6 of 35 yards (officially)...

Alex Avant gets the credit for all that as he gave Mercer a defensive touchdown in their 31-17 Pioneer League debut win over Drake at Henderson Field in Macon in front of 8,000 Bears fans...

Avant's pick was good for a 17-0 lead in the second quarter at the time...

"Well we did a corner blitz and the quarterback checked the pass because he saw me blitzing so I knew I had to jump right once he threw it," said Avant following the game. "So I jumped up, tipped it, it bounced off another linebacker and then the ball fell in my hands and I just tried to score. I caught it and then I went left and then remembered I was probably about to just go out of bounds and I was like I might as well go ahead and try to score. I guess somehow I ended up in the end zone."

Avant is part of a defense that ranks Number 1 in the country FCS total defense, allowing just 241.5 yards per game. The Bears are also Number 6 in the nation in rushing defense and Number 8 in first down defense.

Here's Head Coach Bobby Lamb postgame...

Bret Bielema Has Issues With Hog Walk

((HT: Jimmy Cone via Instagram))

Some people, like some in the Vrabel household, might hashtag this #karma as well...

But, hey, the pavement was a little on the wet side...

Nice recovery, though...
Carry on...

Ess-E-Cee The Early: Sakerlina Survives, Tennessee Survives, UGA Survives


It was the theme of the day (early on, anyway) in the Ess-E-Cee where teams got skeered and still won...

Example Number One: Sakerlina was on the road and had to deal with this injury while playing in one of the more obnoxious environments around- the on-campus stadium at UCF...

The HQ covered Davis in high school at Stephenson High in suburban Atlanta... the kid can flat out run...
And UCF made a lot of people happy with their back door cover...

Example Number Two: The HQ never thought we would ever hear the voice of the Volunteers, Bob Kessling, ever talk about the Volunteers "surviving" a game against South Alabama (of all teams), but that did happen...

Vols only win by 7...
At home...
Against South Alabama...

The HQ would write that line again, but we don't know if we would believe it if we wrote it ourselves...

What is the world coming to...???

And, then, the 3:30 game...

Aaron Murray throws for four scores and may be the best one-loss team in 'Murica right now having gone 2-1 in the top ten with the early part of their schedule in a 44-41 win...

Evidence below that tied the game at 14...

OSG Prem: Manchester Is Not A Happy Town...


It was one of those days in the Premier League...

If you thought you knew what was going to happen, you were proven very, very wrong...

Kinda like this event happening...

Manchester United lost to West Brom for the first time in the history of the League (in its current form) at Old Trafford and caused manager David Moyes a great deal of consternation- not to mention the fan base...

"Disappointing performance, disappointing result. We never really got up to speed," Moyes said postgame. "We had a few chances, but West Brom held their shape and defended well. They always looked a threat on the break, in the first half especially and even more so in the second half. We missed that spark and West Brom deserved it no question. I can't argue with that."

Here's your proof...

And on the other side of town... Man City, at times looking either uninspired, unmotivated, or both... had a 1-0 lead at Villa Park, and then the world seemed to implode around them in their LOSS to Aston Villa...

Manager Manuel Pellegrini was, naturally, disappointed and the loss was hard to take:

"Yes, very hard because I think today we played very well - not the way we played against Cardiff, or against Stoke. I think today we play well. We deserved another goal, but the score says something different. In general, I was very happy with how my team played today.

"Twice we had the advantage in the score, but in five minutes we did two things that threw away all we did in the rest of the game. But football is like that and you must concentrate for 90 minutes."

That... here's your evidence...

Astros Failures Drive CSN Houston to Bankruptcy


This is a complicated story that may be a bit difficult to explain, but at it's heart, the success...or lack of success on the field by the Houston Astros has driven their Sports network to the brink of going out of business.

We'll try and explain:

Essentially, the Astros, the Houston Rockets (NBA) and NBC/Comcast combined to create a regional sports network (CSN Houston). It's something NBC/Comcast has done in many other parts of the country.

The two sports teams are the primary shareholders, but responsibility for the network falls to all 3.

And the problem is pretty simple.

They can't get the network cleared. DirectTV, Dish, ATT U-Verse and others want no part of the extra fee that would be involved in picking the network up. It can be seen by less than 1 million people in the TV market.

And that makes getting a favorable TV deal difficult. At best.

It also may explain why the recent Astros/Indians baseball game drew hashmarks in the Nielsen ratings.

You can read more about this from the Houston Chronicle RIGHT HERE

Here's what this boils down to:

It's a quest for more TV money by the teams (Astros/Rockets). Everything in sports these days is dictated by the amount a cable network is paying to broadcast games. It's how the LA Dodgers can have a $200+ million payroll. Same for the New York Yankees.

The Astros and Rockets aren't getting that kind of money. Unless CSN gets into more houses, they won't get that kind of money.

No, the network isn't going away. They can work through their debt. But the bankruptcy filing allows them to reorganize and find a better way to get more eyeballs and make more money. Houston Sports fans probably aren't thrilled about all this. But just remember Houston resident, if they get the network on your provider, your bill is going up. Whether you like the Astros and/or Rockets....or not.

Sadly, this is probably the one Astros highlight this season you'll all remember:

OSG High: Indiana High School Football Fight Includes Coaches


Yikes, this brawl in the Arsenal Tech High vs. Ft. Wayne South High football game Friday night got out of

It happened late in the game with Arsenal leading 24-6, a toss sweep to the right resulted in a play along the sideline. A Ft. Wayne player made a late tackle after the play went out of bounds.

And the chaos ensued.

Both teams jumped up from their benches and began pushing and shoving. Right about the time it began breaking up, coaches from each team began throwing each other.

And yes, police were called to break things up. The game was stopped. Nobody was hurt, though some reputations appear to have been damaged.

Your video from WTHR-TV:

13 WTHR Indianapolis

ICYMI: Forbes Article Cost Cam Newton $10K for Illegal Logo

Sponsorship deals are so wrong. And in theory, being featured in Forbes magazine should be "so right" for Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton.

And maybe it was, but the interview Newton did, along with the accompanying photos, ended up costing him $10,000.

The reason: A photo taken during the interview that showed a couple of blacked out Under Armour visor clips.

The problem: Under Armour is not an NFL approved product. (They don't bow and pay the league millions to be an "official product")

And yes "Business" people, we get it. If you are Nike and you pay $1 billion to be the "equipment" sponsor for the league, you don't want anyone showing products other than yours.

But flat out, it's stupid. You should be able to wear whatever you want. Unless you...well...never mind.

Not Funny: UGA Fan Does Creepy Joker Video



As much as we enjoyed the UGA produced "Awake the Nation" video, the video you are about to click on is perhaps one of the strangest things we've ever seen.

A video posted by a Georgia fan named Jake Marrano may have started out as a funny idea, but really, we nor anyone else who's seen it are laughing at it.

Marrano's video shows a random LSU fan in front of Sanford stadium then cuts back to that fan trapped in a chair in what appears to be a basement. Then someone dressed up and talking like the joker from the Batman movies arrives and talks smack.

Yeah, sure, we know it's a joke, but it's not really funny.

At all.

Hernandez Fiancee, Family, And Associate Indicted

((HT: MyFoxBoston))

Remember our old friend "reasonable doubt...?"

Well, he was reintroduced when Ernest Wallace decided during his bail hearing yesterday that it was only Aaron Hernandez that exited the car when Odin Lloyd was allegedly murdered in June. Wallace originally said it was Hernandez and Carlos Ortiz that exited the car when Lloyd was shot and killed.

So, today Fall River (MA) authorities brought charges on Hernandez's girlfriend/fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, was indicted on a single charge of perjury in connection to the murder investigation.

From My Fox Boston:

In August, the Hartford Courant reported investigators searched a storage unit in Connecticut rented to Jenkins because they believed she made "overt attempts to hide evidence" as well as to "hinder and mislead" the murder investigation. The newspaper reports surveillance video, text messages between Jenkins and her sister, as well as an interview with her sister, are all referenced in the documents as officials suggest Jenkins may have information regarding what happened to the handgun used in the shooting.

According to court documents, Jenkins was reportedly seen on surveillance video carrying a plastic bag believed to contain a "rigid object" from Hernandez's home and placing it into a car one day after Odin Lloyd was found dead. She returned to the home nearly a half hour later without the trash bag.

One of Jenkins' uncles told investigators Jenkins handed him and another uncle a cell phone and Hernandez asked for all of the weapons to be removed from the couple's North Attleborough home. The uncle claims the weapons were discarded "into the woods."

Jenkins was indicted at the same time the grand jury voted to indict Hernandez's cousin, Tanya Singleton, on a charge of conspiracy to commit accessory after the fact. Investigators say Ernest Wallace, who is charged with accessory to murder after the fact, told Singleton about the fatal shooting. She was held after refusing to testify before the Hernandez grand jury.

Carlos Ortiz had also previously pleaded not guilty to a gun charge in connection to the case after cooperating with investigators. A plea deal fell apart and Ortiz was indicted on a charge of accessory to murder after the fact as well today...

Here's the story...
Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

All this movement by the Massachusetts grand jury and authorities means that the Wallace testimony doesn't look to be any more credible and the prosecution is looking for some back up in order to convict...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Impressive: UGA Hype Video for LSU Game Makes Me Want To Jump Through Walls


Well played University of Georgia, well played.

Check out a video called "Awake the Nation", the school or someone they hired produced and released today (Friday), just one day before an epic Top 10 battle with LSU.

Fan or not a fan, it's quite well done. And honestly, it kinda gives you chills to watch--

Phil Dawson: Hey, It Was Worth A Shot...

((HT: NFL Network))

The HQ gives Brad Nessler a lot of credit- more than just liking his work in the booth...

At the end of the first half of last night's San Fran-St. Louis game, he presented the option of a free kick after a fair catch for the Niners to add more points on the board before the half...

So, Jim Harbaugh trots out Phil Dawson for a 71-yard free kick...

Eh... it was a good idea...

The last time a kicker tried it was December 28, 2008, when the Packers’ Mason Crosby missed a 69-yarder against Detroit.

The last field goal off a free kick was on November 21, 1976, when the Chargers’ Ray Wersching hit a 45-yarder against Buffalo.

So, there you go...

And the HQ does not get all the blowing up on the Twitter machine over this being a bad idea...

Virginia Tech's Hokie-Stone Helmets Work So To Speak In Stonewalling Georgia Tech


Say what you want about Virginia Tech's Hokie-stone helmets worn Thursday night at Georgia Tech, you may see more of that headgear.

Virginia Tech got a confidence boosting win over Georgia Tech 17-10 at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

Logan Thomas was suffering during the game with an abdominal injury but despite that had his best game of the 2013 season going 19 of 25 passing for 221 yards and the touchdown.

“I thought he was excellent,” Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer said. “I thought his leadership, his toughness, his being in control … I think he’s a quality, quality quarterback. He’s physically tough and mentally tough.”

"I think this will give us a lot of confidence going into the rest of the year," Thomas said. "We played hard, and we played tough."

"He pulled a little something in his stomach, but he fought through that. He was going to play in this game.”

The Virginia Tech defense had three days to prepare for Georgia Tech's option offense and was brilliant.

Hokie defenders seemed to be in every gap disrupting the Yellow Jackets timing on the option.

It's another example as the way Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster is arguably the best in the business.

“The coaches and players deserve a lot of credit on this one." Beamer said.  "This was a special win.”

“The scheme is not any different then what most people play against us." Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson said.  "The players are pretty good, but for whatever reason, it seems like we self-destruct."

Fumbles and penalties, you probably lost count as to how many false start penalties the Yellow Jackets committed, hurt Georgia Tech.

Virginia Tech's win Thursday night left a very positive impression with head coach Frank Beamer.

 “I think we have a mentally tough football team, a physically tough football team." Beamer said.  "What we’ve done over the last 12 days, three games, two of them away from Blacksburg, against three good teams … this team here tonight is really good … and to come in here on a short week and not much rest, the kids said we don’t want any excuses. We’re going to go down there and get it done, and that’s what they did."

Virginia Tech has 12 days off now before hosting North Carolina and it's a while before the Hokies hit the road again.  

After the Tar Heels the Hokies have the next two at home too against Pittsburgh and Duke.

We might be hearing more from Beamer's Boys and seeing more of those Hokie-stone helmets. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Exit Sandman...


There was only one way to do this...

In his last game at Yankee Stadium, Mariano Rivera was pulled...
But not in the way you think...

The best part...???

Michael Kay laid out for almost four minutes on play-by-play...
Classy move... very classy...

Prosecutors: Carlos Ortiz Changes Testimony In Hernandez Case

((HT: MyFoxBoston))

And is now making it extremely interesting... and, maybe, extremely difficult to make a clean conviction...

The words "reasonable doubt" are now in play...

During the Ernest Wallace bail hearing, it was made clear that alleged Aaron Hernandez co-conspirator Carlos Ortiz is now saying that only Hernandez exited the car at the scene of Odin Lloyd's murder. Originally, Ortiz said both Hernandez and Wallace exited the car.

Prosecutors claimed Wallace told Hernandez's cousin, Tanya Singleton, about the Lloyd murder, and Singleton was jailed for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating Odin Lloyd's murder. Investigators also allege a portion of a text message between Hernandez and Lloyd took place on Wallace's phone.

Wallace's attorneys maintained that their client should have had a bail lower than $500,000 because he was charged with accessory and not an actual murder charge. The judge ruled Wallace should continue to be held on $500,000 bail.

Here's the latest in Fall River...
Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

EA Sports Out Of College Football Business

((HT: ESPN))

It's in the game, and they're out of the game...
((HT: EA Sports))

And they have settled the lawsuit involving their usage of former NCAA player jersey numbers, heights, weights, skin tones, hair colors and home states listed in their in-game bios without their permission and without paying the ex-college players as they sold the video game on the open market- for quite some time.

And we're talking somewhere between 200-300,000 ex players that were used in the game...

Co-lead counsel Steve Berman said in a statement:

"When we filed the case, we felt very strongly that EA's appropriation of student-athletes' images for a for-profit venture was wrong, both in a legal sense and from a more fundamental moral perspective. These guys were busting their butts on the field or the court trying to excel at athletics, oftentimes to help win or maintain scholarships so they could get an education.

"Students agreed that by being student-athletes that they could not exploit their personal commercial value, an agreement they lived up to. The same cannot be said about the NCAA or its partner Electronic Arts."

Darren Rovell discusses...

EA Sports and their licensing partner, CLC, will not admit any wrongdoing and now the NCAA is going it alone in the class-action suit with Sam Keller and Ed O'Bannon as plaintiffs.

The NCAA isn't ready to cave on that end just yet as EA will now go it without their college football game...

Hunter Pence's Baseball Camp is Comedy Gold


Love this.

Any of you baseball fans out there wonder how San Francisco outfielder Hunter Pence developed his unorthodox swing? His slightly awkward running style? Or his strange lunging motion when he attempts to throw the ball?

Well, now your kids can learn from the man himself.

Or at least that is the joking premise of this video produced by for their always fun Extra Mustard page.

Thanks for allowing us bloggers to share:

Todd Helton's Last Home Game Goes Okay...


Ended pretty well, don't you think...???

The man gets a real, live horse in the pre-game...
The other QB on campus when he was at Tennessee (some guy named "Manning") was there and he ties Kiner on the home run list...

Not a bad night for #17...

Another Fan Violence Story Out Of San Francisco

((HT: KGO-TV))

Two men have been arrested after a fatal stabbing near AT&T Park following last night's Dodgers-Giants game.

An argument between two groups of Giants and Dodgers fans broke out, and a verbal disagreement led to an incident involving a knife. Jonathan Denver was stabbed during the fight and died at hospital.

San Francisco police said Denver's father and brother were wearing Dodger gear. Denver himself, however, was not wearing Dodgers gear. The two men under arrest were described by police as Giants fans.

A teenager was attacked at Candlestick Park over the weekend during the 49ers loss to the Colts. There were other incidents as well- despite an increase in security.

Here's the story from AT&T Park

Stadium security and fan behavior has been under the microscope in Northern and Southern California since the Brian Stow beating during the season opener for the Giants in the 2011 season. Stow suffered a traumatic brain injury after being beaten by two men dressed in Dodgers gear. He spent several months in hospital and has had to undergo extensive rehab since...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brian McCann: Enforcer For The Love Of The Game

((HT: FS Brewers/MLB))

Carlos Gomez is not, apparently, Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez when it comes to admiring his handiwork...

But Braves catcher Brian McCann will be more than happy to tell you when you break the code...

Gomez, Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman and Gerald Laird were ejected. The umpires said that the Gomez run counted even though he had never touched home plate, invoking Role 7.06(a), which says an "obstructed runner shall be awarded at least one base beyond the base he had last legally touched before the obstruction."

Gomez and Maholm have a history... On June 23 at Miller Park, a Maholm fastball hit Gomez in the left knee. Gomez thought Maholm had intentionally struck him.

When Gomez rounded third base, he pointed at his knee while yelling at Maholm... connecting the two incidents...

At least, in theory...

Now You Know: Team USA Wins America's Cup

Betcha didn't know this was happening Wednesday afternoon.

Yeah, that's right, Yacht racing.

It's being called one of sports history's greatest comebacks. Oracle Team USA, down 8-1 just last week, has come back to win the America's Cup over Team New Zealand.

This was after Oracle Team USA was docked last week for modifying boats in warmup regattas and had to win 11 races to retain their title.

The race Wednesday, a winner take all, was Race 19 in the competition and took place on San Francisco Bay.

Here's your highlights...
((HT: NBC Sports))

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Who Are You?

Yeah, that's right, we really want to know:

And no, you aren't about to be transported to an episode of CSI, though admittedly it is an intriguing thought.

But anyway...

We are nearing the 1/4 pole and well, things have sort of settled out. At least a little bit.

Yes, mighty Alabama struggled with Colorado State, but consider it a hangover from Texas A&M week. At least one team, either LSU or Georgia, who are playing each other, will probably get voted off the island or have to pack up their knives and leave the BCS title hunt after this week--

For reference:

But enough of that. Did we mention we were 13-2 last week and 38-3 on the season?

And as the great Casey Kasem once said; "Let's get on with the Countdown"


1) Alabama 3-0. Right or wrong, they've earned the right to stay here until someone beats them. Tell 'em Ric:

The Tide hasn't really been that dominant this year, we'll see if they can put it together. ( This Week: vs. Ole Miss. Our Pick: Alabama 31, Ole Miss 28)

2) Oregon 3-0. Why is everyone anointing them a berth in the BCS game again? So what, they scored 59 vs. a crappy Tennessee team two weeks ago. They won't be the last. Still gotta play UCLA and Stanford, neither will be easy. (This Week: vs Cal, Our Pick: Oregon 59, Cal 21)

3) Clemson 3-0. Reality is quickly setting in and as much as we like Tajh Boyd, we still aren't convinced the Tigers will run the table. But they won't lose this week. (This Week: vs. Wake Forest. Our Pick: Clemson 33, Wake 20)

4) Stanford 3-0. Kicked it up a notch last week and coasted to a win over a decent Az. State team. Like this team, but the schedule after this week, gets a lot tougher. (This Week: at Wash. State. Our Pick: Stanford 31, Wash. St. 23)

5) Ohio St. 4-0. The Buckeyes may be for real, but we won't know til they actually play a tough team, something in limited supply in the Little 10. Let's see how the Urban-ator incorporates a 2 QB system against a team with a defense. (This Week: vs. Wisconsin. Our Pick: tOSU 31, Wisconsin 23)

6) LSU 4-0. Another team that hasn't been pushed hard yet. So far, they've done everything well, but haven't been challenged. Going Between the Hedges will change that. (This Week: at Georgia. Our Pick: UGA 37, LSU 31)

7) Florida St. 3-0. It's real easy to rack up tons of points and gaudy stats playing the Bethune Cookman's and Nevada's of the world. And really, outside Clemson, the schedule isn't tough for these guys. (This Week: at Boston College. Our Pick: FSU 41, Boston College 27)

8) Texas A&M 3-1. Keep doing what you are doing Johnny Football. You are the perfect WWE style heel. Tell 'em Ric:

You need to kick some defensive players ass though, you can't do this yourself. (This Week: at Arkansas. Our Pick: Aggies 38, Arkie 28)

9) Georgia 2-1. Time to put up or shut-up Dawgs. You've got LSU at your house and it looks like this will be the toughest game left on your schedule. Are you up to the task? Win and your path is clear, lose and we hope you like your Outback Steak. (This Week: vs. LSU. Our Pick See #6)

10) Louisville 3-0. Sorry Cardinals fans, no respect. You've done nothing that screams "National Title" contender. Look at the schedule. Take a long look at it. UCF and maybe Cincinnati will be your only tests. And yes, we still love Teddy B. (This Week: BYE)

11) UCLA 3-0. We honestly are happy for Jimmy Mora. We always maintained he'd be a great college coach and now he's proving it. Keep doing what you are doing sir. Of course having Brett Hundley run the show isn't hurting either. (This Week: BYE)

12) Miami, FL (3-0). Why not. The 'Canes are back. At least for now. No props for dropping a 77 spot on Savannah State. Our alma mater (Ga.Southern) did that too. If Stephen Morris stays healthy, you have a shot at the belt. The schedule gets easier from here too. (This Week: at S.Florida. Our Pick: Miami 37, USF 10)


5) Massachusetts (0-4). Woe be the Minuteman. The good= Only giving up 32.5 ppt, the bad--only scoring 7 ppg. Yeah, that's probably not going to win very much--if ever. (This Week: BYE Our Pick: Bye 32.5, UMass 7)

4) Temple 0-3. It's not been a great year for football in the Philly area so far. Uh, yeah, Temple is 1 of 2 AAC teams in this part of the poll. And two more are hanging right on the fringe. Losing to 1? At home? With 4 seconds to go? Really? (This Week: at Idaho--oooof. Our Pick: Idaho 21, Temple 20)

3) New Mexico St. 0-4. Bad. Starting with 2 ranked teams on schedule. Less Bad, the other 2 aren't ranked. More bad, all 4 were losses and none were close. Oh...did we mention giving up 50 ppg? (This Week: vs. San Diego St. Our Pick: SDSU 21, NM St. 15)

2) Florida International 0-4. It's a bad year to be a Pelini. Bo has his issues in Nebraska and Carl coaches arguably the worst team in the NCAA. Did we mention the 72 spot they gave up last week? Or the loss to Bethune Cookman? Yeah...thought so. (This Week: at Southern Miss. Our Pick: Southern Miss 5, FIU 2 Pelini's)

1) Southern Miss 0-3. So yeah, the reigning title holder stays put. Much like Alabama

Somehow, the Golden Eagles aren't last in Conference USA, but they haven't played any conference games yet either. That changes this week. (This Week: vs FIU, Our Pick: see above)

Yes America, this may be the single worst game in the history of College Football, Florida International vs. Southern Miss. Someone has to win---don't they?

At the very least, someone gets off the island:

Tom Hamilton Comes Out Of His Shoes Again...

((HT: FS Indians/MLB))

Thanks, again, to Jason Giambi...

Another pinch-hit homer...another game-winning pinch-hit homer...

And the Indians are still in the American League Wild Card hunt...

Michael Wacha Earns A Starting Spot...???

((HT: MLB))

If, by going 8-and-2-thirds innings of no hit ball against the Nationals, he solidified his space... then, he solidified his space...

Here's Ryan Zimmerman causing all the fans in St. Louis to sit down...

Gotta love Mike Shannon's call- as always...
Adams WAS pulled off the bag, so it could have gone either way...

OSG High: Entire Football Team Suspended, Spot Earned Back Through Service

((HT: KSL-TV))

Roosevelt-Union (UT) High has had an interesting week...

They are 3-2 heading into their homecoming game this Friday, but after the coaching staff thought the team was going in too many different directions mentally, all the players on the squad were suspended. They had to earn their spot on the roster back through service to their school, parents, and community.

Last Friday was a loss to Judge Memorial Catholic. And when coaches found out that their athletes were cruising in class and even encouraging bullying through an anonymous website, they had had enough. The student that was the point of the bullying was not a member of the Union High team.

Head coach Matt Labrum told the team to hand in their jerseys...
So, it's been an interesting week of not practicing...

Kelly Glista over at the Hartford Courant has a little more detail:

He was released on $50,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 21.

Security at the hotel called police after Douglas' girlfriend went to the hotel clerk and asked if there were cameras in the hotel, saying she had been assaulted, (Hartford Major Crimes Unit Sergeant Glendaly) Garcia said. The hotel staff noticed red marks on her neck, said Garcia.

This doesn't look good...

"The Download With Bonnie Bernstein"- September 24, 2013

((HT: Campus Insiders))

Today, on "The Download" as they tell us:

We show some love to the undefeated and underrated teams across the country, including Georgia Tech, Baylor and Northwestern. Plus, Neal McCready, from the Rebel Grove, tells us why this weekend's game between Ole Miss and Alabama could usher in a new era of SEC football.

Driver In UC Football Fatal Dies In Hospital


Miami University (OH) freshman Sean VanDyne, the driver in the incident that killed University of Cincinnati freshman Ben Flick has died in hospital as a result of his injuries...

He has just been married a month to his elementary school sweetheart, Rachel. He would have turned 19 next month.

VanDyne was a freshman at the university studying business.

"People were drawn to him. He was charismatic and funny. He loved to cook. He would cut up whatever I was serving for dinner, put cheese on it, and would always put it into a burrito shell," said his mother, Lynn. "Words cannot express the sense of sorrow at the unimaginable tragic loss of our son. My heart breaks for all the boys and their families, especially Ben's (Flick). He and Sean were best friends since the second grade. They were like brothers. They remain in our thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time."

Miami University President David Hodge released a statement saying:

"The Miami University community is saddened at the loss of our student, Sean VanDyne, and his friend, Ben Flick, a University of Cincinnati student, who were in a tragic car accident Saturday night, where two friends who were with them were also injured. We will miss them, and offer our deepest condolences to their families and friends."

"The loss of a student is so hard to bear. Sean was a member of our Miami family, and many here knew him. Our hearts go out to the many members of their families and communities who are mourning this loss together, as are we."

The VanDyne family is requesting friends and family not post any information about Sean on social media. "What we need is prayer. We ask to keep all the boys and their families in your prayers."

Hamilton High, Flick's alma mater, held a vigil for the grad Monday night...

Lions Nate Burleson Breaks Arm Trying to Catch Pizza


Yes, it's another in the ongoing saga known as "Things We Can't Make Up".

In today's edition, Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson breaks his arm in an early Tuesday morning, single vehicle crash in a Detroit suburb.

Burleson was on his way home after doing a personal appearance at West Bloomfield, Michigan pizza place with teammate Stephen Tulloch. He had a fresh, hot pizza on the passenger seat of his GMC Yukon and when the pizza began sliding off the seat, Burleson tried to catch it.

He ended up in the median on Interstate 695 in Farmington Hills, his arm broken and emergency crews en route.

He was taken to an area hospital and according to Lions coach Jim Schwartz, will have surgery Wednesday to repair the damage.

And note---Police say in no uncertain terms, there was NO alcohol involved in the incident.

You can read more from the Detroit Free-Press RIGHT HERE


This isn't even one of those "How do you explain that?" kinda things. You have to feel bad for Burleson for doing what probably any one of us would have done in that situation, more out of instinct rather than it being the right thing to do.

Schwartz did add his receiver won't be going on the Injured Reserve list and expects to be back before the season is out.

But man, what kind of jokes is he gonna get when he gets back in the locker room?

Here's Schwartz addressing the accident in his press conference:

Wilf Family Ordered To Pay $84.5M In Fraud Case


New Jersey Superior Court Judge Deanne Wilson has ordered Zygi Wilf, Mark Wilf, and their cousin to pay $84.5 million to two former business partners they defrauded in a 1980s real estate deal. It was ruled they committed fraud and breach of contract and violated the state's civil racketeering laws in their dealings with Ada Reichmann and her brother Josef Halpern.

The Wilf family was sued by Halpern and Reichmann over a proposed 764-unit apartment complex. Halpern and Reichmann were paid as on-site managers, but were cut out of the revenues worked out of the project.

The Wilfs' attorneys said they plan to appeal. The family won't have to pay any of the award until all appeals have been exhausted. The trial took almost seven months to complete and any appeal could take up to three years to be heard. It was also 21 years in the making...

Here's the early judgment...
Naturally, there is a point of concern... the running of the Vikings and the construction of the new downtown stadium. BUT... Minneapolis Stadium Facilities Authority chair Michele Kelm Helgen and Vikings Vice President Lester Bagley say that the ruling will have no effect on it. "The Vikings and the Wilf family have the financial ability to meet the private commitments of the stadium project regardless of the outcome of this legal matter," Bagley said. The MSFA recently wrapped up a due diligence inquiry to verify that the Wilfs could cover their share of the Vikings stadium costs. We'll see where that goes... Here's the KSTP-TV version... And here's the judge's order in full...

CM Punk Cuts In-Ring Blackhawks Promo

((HT: WWE/Puck Daddy))

The HQ will admit that there are few athletes that can cut a promo these days... something got lost in translation from the wrestlers we grew up with and there is a disconnect in the modern-day guy that works the stick.

Most either just can't or their persona goes against the idea of being a smart talker...

CM Punk, however, is not one of those disconnected...

Last night, the WWE was in Punk's home town, which is always good for a hometown promo...

Play to your audience, young man... and they are yours...

Aaron Chewning Strikes Again, But It's A Strike In A Good Way...

((HT: Aaron Chewning his own self))

Okay, it's no secret that he's a Braves fan...

Now, that the HQ's home team has clinched their playoff spot and the division title, he has come out with another ditty that is a lot better than the Robin Thicke tune that he's riffing off...

Evidence below...

What'd you think of the cameo...???

Thought so...

May the blessing of good lyrics continue...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Pac Man Arrested For 8th Time In 8 Years, But As A Passenger This Time...


Adam Jones was celebrating his 30th birthday over the weekend...

He was a passenger in an automobile that was pulled over by Ohio State Patrol officers...

The driver, Tishana Holmes, was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence. Jones was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Both were released on their own recognizance, and the HQ thinks that Jones was trying to come to Holmes defense and probably bowed up to the police...
Which never really ends well- especially at 2:30 Monday morning...

Here's the walk of shame and other details... News, Weather

GTA V Reenactments Do Not Equal Real Life

Because if it did, a college lacrosse player might have had a little more fun...

Police in Baton Rouge arrested Auburn lacrosse player Zachary Burgess this past weekend after they said he tried to steal a car (with someone still inside of it), then told police he did it to play out a video game in real life. Burgess was, the HQ can guess, in town for the LSU-Auburn game...

This is the video game in question...

Burgess was charged him with vehicle theft, kidnapping and nine counts of hit-and-run driving.

Police said Burgess jumped into a car after its owner parked it at a local bar and left it. Burgess then hopped in and drove off with a female passenger still inside. Police said Burgess hit several other cars before the passenger managed to escape. Witnesses, apparently, stopped Burgess during his driving exhibition and kept him at the scene until police showed up.

No one was seriously hurt in the incident. Here's the mugshot (thanks, East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office)

Burgess is now up on nine counts of hit-and-run and one count each of auto theft and simple kidnapping,

Alcohol May Be A Factor In UC Football Death


It appears alcohol is being investigated as a possible cause in the death of a University of Cincinnati freshman offensive lineman...

Late Saturday night, a car driven by Miami University (OH) freshman Sean Van Dyne left the road for an unknown reason. When authorities came to the scene, it was discovered that two individuals were ejected from the car. Two more were trapped in the car.

Ben Flick died at the scene. Van Dyne and two other passengers, wide receivers Mark Barr and Javon Harrison were injured in the crash. All three were flown from the crash site via medical helicopter to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Barr and Van Dyne are in critical condition. Harrison was listed in fair condition and released from the hospital on Monday.

Flick was and Harrison and Barr are student-athletes at University of Cincinnati.

All three were true freshman and didn't dress or travel with the team.

Head coach Tommy Tuberville said in a statement, "As a father and a coach, it's something you hope you never have to go through. Ben was so proud to be a part of this team and University. He worked hard and had shown a great deal of improvement since the summer. His future was bright. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Flick family on their loss. We also hope and pray for Mark and Javon to recover from their injuries."

Here's the early story on the death... News, Weather

The Butler County S.T.A.R.T. Unit (Serious Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team) is investigating.

The 911 call is here...

Things You Can't Unsee: Golfers Trying To Rap


Who comes up with ideas like this?

Yeah, sure, we get that the PGA Tour is desperate to get whatever attention they can now that football has started and they've been pretty much forgotten, but geez, this?

Because you know you are clamoring to hear a bunch of rich white guys edited together to sound like they are rapping, we'll share this video with you. The video appears to be an attempt at getting people excited about the FedEx Cup, or an obscenely large check given to a golfer in front of a handful of people with about 10 watching on TV during football game timeouts.

But know going in it's painful. Really painful. Awkward, bad, and well, just why?

If you are going to do a music video, at least try country music or something these guys can actually be believable in.

And if you are going to do something like this, why do it with perhaps the LEAST hip group of people on face of god's green earth?

We are hoping this was their idea of a spoof/joke, but yeah, it doesn't come across that way. It looks like it's an attempt at being serious.


ICYMI: Yanks Get Metallica To Play Rivera Entrance Music Live

Okay, admittedly not Yankees fans, but this was pretty cool.

As the career of legendary closer Mariano Rivera winds to a close, his team, the New York Yankees gave him a send-off to remember on Sunday.

Along with all the requisite gifts like a rocking chair and plaques and speeches and all that, it was this moment perhaps that was the coolest of all.

Since Rivera's "Entrance Music" has always been Metallica's "Enter Sandman"....who better to provide the live entrance music:

MLB won't let us embed their video, so you'll have to check this one out. It's still pretty cool:

ICYMI: Ravens Receiver Injured by Stripper

Jacoby Jones

Some things you just can't make up.

We don't know if the Baltimore Ravens will list this on the upcoming weeks injury report, but it would be funny to see how they'd phrase it.

Wide Receiver Jacoby Jones, out with a knee injury since the 1st week of the season, appears to have a new injury.

According to and others, Jones was injured early Monday morning after being hit in the head with a bottle of a stripper named Sweet Pea. The incident apparently happened on a Party Bus in Washington D.C, rented out for a birthday celebration for Ravens offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie.

Yes, really. This happened.

Read the TMZ story RIGHT HERE  

Reportedly the injuries are not serious, but that isn't necessarily the point of the story.

Needless to say, the Ravens haven't commented on the incident and nobody knows exactly how this will affect Jones's playing status.  

But we are quite sure the jokes will be well they should.

When Turks Play Soccer, Every Fan Brings A Chair...

((HT: Big Lead/SeaLightNews))

Soccer overseas has always had political or religious overtones...

Just ask Celtic and Rangers in Scotland about that whole religion-in-sports thing...

Now, Galatasaray and Besiktas played in Turkey today... and they didn't make it to the final whistle...

Here's your outburst...

Besiktas was involved in the anti-government protests over the summer... and that hasn't gone over well...
And the HQ still thinks it won't for quite some time...

But plastic chairs...???

OSG Prem: di Canio Sacked, World Not Shocked...

((HT: BBC Sport))

The HQ had figured out that Sunderland manager was on the clock after the shocking 3-0 loss to West Brom over the weekend, and especially, after Paolo di Canio's reaction to the Black Cats fans he was motioning to when the game was over.

Having some kind of intellectual conversation with hand signals...

Here's your standard panel reaction with Alan Shearer, Kevin Kilbane and Michael Owen ...

Odds makers (or Book Makers) have former Chelsea manager Roberto di Matteo and former Brighton manager Gus Poyet as the favorites to take over the post...

Why anyone would take the gig, currently, is anyone's guess...

Is Zack Kassian Dirty...???

((HT: Sportsnet))

Vancouver Canucks right wing Zack Kassian faces a phone hearing with the NHL’s department of player safety after breaking the jaw of Oilers winger Sam Gagner Saturday night.

The league offered Kassian an in-person hearing which means he could face a suspension of more than five games.

The Oilers announced Sunday that Gagner is out indefinitely with a broken jaw and that he will miss the start of the regular season.

Here's the hit...
Craig MacTavish was quite vocal about his displeasure... "I don’t know that he wouldn’t have done it had we had...a Colton Orr in the lineup. But we could use that element."
And whaddya wanna bet they're going shopping...???

A Good, Old Fashioned Line Brawl

((HT: Leafs TV/NHL))

In the exhibition season, no less...

There's no secret that Toronto and Buffalo don't really like each other... and the exhibition season is no different...

Here's the output of an out of control third period...

"I just saw everyone fighting and I wanted to defend my teammate, I guess," Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier said.

By the end of the game, 239 minutes in penalties were handed out.

The larger question is just how many games David Clarkson will get for jumping the bench to get involved...

Here's analysis from "Hockey Central" at noon...
((HT: Sportsnet))

Aldon Smith Seeking Treatment, Out Indefinitely

((HT: CSN Bay Area))


If you were 49ers CEO Jed York, what would you have done...???

Would you have played troubled DL Aldon Smith after his run-in with the law early Friday morning knowing you were going to have him seek help, or would you have had him seek help immediately...???

The 49ers played him on Sunday against the Colts, and the HQ isn't sure, but the whole team seemed disjointed in their loss at home. The Colts defense had their hands in containing QB Colin Kaepernick all day long and the newly acquired Trent Richardson got his first score of the season...

Smith gives his prepared statement after the game:

Smith was booked into Santa Clara County jail Friday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. He posted $5,250 in bond for his release and was on the practice field Friday afternoon within hours of his 7 a.m. arrest.

7AM arrest and back on the field...

You tell me what's more important...

According to York, there is no timetable for Smith's return.

And Jed York follows up Smith:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Big Numbers, Big Whoop...Louisville, Miami, Baylor, Pitt

Ranked versus Unranked led to a 17-0 spread and an average score of 47-11...

Some people like it for the idea of getting your back-ups the chance to get reps- just in case...
Others think it's tiresome...

Baylor beat Louisiana-Monroe 70-7 and no one wants to play Baylor

Iowa put up 59 against a directional Michigan school while Michigan actually just survived a UConn road game...

Savannah State picked up another paycheck traveling to Miami to get whacked by Miami 77-7. The spread was 60 and they covered...

“I know that I can change a program like this,” first-year Savannah State coach Earnest Wilson said. “We aspire to be big-time. A game like this helps us judge where we are. The only difference is depth. I know I have to go out and recruit and get some guys like they have.”

Savannah State got $375,000 for taking the trip to Miami, plus another chance to line up against a ranked program. The game was shortened in the fourth quarter. Wilson and Miami’s Al Golden talked at halftime and agreed to trim 3 minutes off the final quarter.

“I’ve been there,” Golden said. “I’ve been on the other side of those at Temple. He was trying to teach his team how to keep fighting. I’ve been in his shoes.”

Here's the highlights...

In Louisville, Teddy Bridgewater threw four touchdown passes and Louisville's defense allowed a school-record 30 yards, helping the seventh-ranked Cardinals blow out Florida International 72-0. It was the highest scoring game for the Cardinals since a 73-10 victory over Murray State in 2007. It also matched the school's fifth-largest margin of victory.

And in a game that, actually, was entertaining about it...
Pitt and Duke went after each other to the tune of a 58-55 shootout where the Panthers had to run out the clock on the ground...

What this says about Coach Cut and the Duke defense, the HQ doesn't really know... but there should be reason for optimism with the offense...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Miles-Concordia Game Canceled Due To Bus Fire

((HT: Adam Holbein))

The Miles College football game scheduled for today was canceled after the Concordia College team bus caught on fire.

The team was travelling from Selma to the Miles campus in Fairfield when it caught fire.
No football players were injured but the team lost most of their equipment.

Adam Holbein posted this drive-by video which looks pretty bad...

"We did get confirmation that everybody got off the bus safely but they did sustain a lot of damage and lost all the equipment, that's what I've been told," Miles head coach Reginald Ruffin said. "We're just thankful and praise God that no one was hurt and our hearts go out to Concordia head coach (Don) Lee and his team and his coaching staff. We really sympathize for their loss."

Here's a picture of the hollowed out bus, thanks to Scott McClellan and his Twitter

According to the Selma Times-Journal newspaper, it appears a blown tire caused the fire in the rear of the bus:

Patrick Essex of the East Perry Volunteer Fire Department said the fire started on the rear drivers-side.
“It was still flamed up when we got there, but they got the kids out and across the road,” Essex said. “[The bus] is completely destroyed.”

Chris Boswell Wins On Onside Kick Demonstrations

((HT: FSSouthwest))

All the HQ is going to say is "watch..."

Rice's Chris Boswell goes all crossover-flip kick and WR Klein Kubiak picks it up...

Absolutely ridiculous...

OSG Prem: di Canio Is Probably On The Clock...

((HT: BBC Sport))

The HQ is under the impression that Sunderland manager Paolo di Canio is on the clock...

After one of those bouts of irony in today's match with West Brom, Sunderland put up a 3-0 clunker that included a goal from former Sunderland striker Stephane Sessegnon.

They're glowingly at the bottom of the table without any real challengers at present, and di Canio seems to be flaming out with a great deal of speed.

Evidence from his display in front of fans after the loss...

Actually, let the HQ rephrase...

di Canio SHOULD be done, but who would want to take over the flaming pile of crap he's dealing with at present if he does get sacked...???

Not even us... unless we had a lot of time to work things out...

With A Back-up Quarterback Ohio State Rattles Florida A&M

Ohio State calls Kenny Guiton the most famous back-up quarterback in college football.

Saturday against an over-marched Florida A&M team Guiton's fame reached a new zenith.

Guiton threw for an Ohio State record six touchdowns, all in the first half, in the Buckeyes 76-0 rout of the Rattlers.

"I had all day," Guiton said. "The coaches wanted to come out throwing the ball around and I thank them for the trust they had in me to be able to do that."

"He's an efficient player right now, he's an incredible manager, coach on the field so, you know, his time came." Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer said.  "He was prepared, and his coach and him did a very good job. I think Tom Herman it's not by accident that this thing happened, now. It's not because he had the buckeye in his pocket or his lucky tee shirt; it's because he worked hard with the position coach to get ready for his opportunity and boy did he."

Yes he did coach Meyer.  

When asked if Braxton Miller was still the Buckeyes number one quarterback Meyer had a one word answer.


Quarterback controversy in Columbus, I think not.

OSG Prem: Hull City Proving They Belong...???


Hull City made their first step to claiming that they might be a top flight club in the Premier League after all with a 3-2 offensive display over Newcastle.

Loic Remy, who came to Newscastle from QPR, made a statement of his own with goals to give the home team a 2-1 lead at the half, but the Tigers scored two in the second 45 with El Mohamedy and Aluko beating Tim Krul.

The Aluko goal was a cracker of a volley... See for yourself...

Here's the highlights...

Bengals Fans Revolt Against Katy Perry


Why on god's green earth would an NFL Football team think that having a Katy Perry song be their teams "run-on-the-field" music is a mystery not only to the people of Cincinnati but those who are fans of any NFL team.

Yet that's exactly what the Cincinnati Bengals did.

Or were doing.

The team decided for some strange reason to use Perry's "Roar" song as the music to be played as they take the field at Paul Brown Stadium.

Not exactly the most intimidating thing you'll ever hear. Certainly not anything that will strike fear in an opponents heart or get the home team or crowd pumped up.

Well...the Bengals, thanks to a rather vocal backlash from their fans, have changed their minds.

Rather than delve into the mountain of jokes that can be made here, we'll just put out our suggestions for new entrance music for the Bengals gameday crew to ponder:

There's always this:

Or this:

Or maybe this:

ICYMI: Rays and O's Play 18-Inning Almost 7 Hour Marathon

Baseball is a lot of things, most of the references you are probably thinking of would have to do with running a marathon.

The analogy certainly fit Friday night as the Baltimore Orioles and Tampa Bay Rays played an 18-inning, 6 hour 54 minute game that ended around 2 a.m Saturday morning.

The Rays won the game 5-4 on a David DeJesus single and took over the top spot in the American League Wild-Card chase.

21 Pitchers were used in the game. Which accounted for every pitcher on both teams rosters.....and oh, by the way, both teams play on Saturday 11 hours after Friday's game ended.

DeJesus's game winner is right here:

Derek Carr Leads Fresno State Rally To Defeat Boise State 41-40

Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr not only wanted a win over Boise State to stop the Bulldogs seven game losing streak to the Broncos, he wanted some redemption for his big brother David.

Twelve years ago the then 8th ranked Bulldogs lost a heart breaker to Boise State 35-31 and ending Fresno State's claim as the first BCS buster.

Down by six late in the fourth quarter Derek Carr rallied Fresno State for the go-ahead touchdown with just over two minutes left to give the Bulldogs a 41-40 win over Boise State.

After the game the Carr brothers shared a very special moment.

Derek Carr was heard screaming into his brother David's ear that win was for him.

"I remember when we lost (back in 2001), he was like, 'What? I've got to fix that,' " David Carr said. "Every story has ups and downs. Every story has struggles, right?
"He completed the story."
Derek Carr and his Bulldog teammates ended a long seven years of frustration from the Broncos in front of the first sellout crowd  at home since 2008.
"What a great win for our school." Derek Carr said.  "What a great win for our fans and for our community. It was phenomenal."
"Our guys never lost faith and found a way to get it done."  Fresno State head coach Tim DeRuyter said.
"We made too many errors just across the board. Boise State head coach Chris Peterson said.  "We could point the finger in a lot of different directions. When playing a good team we can't make those type of errors."
Fresno State is 3-0 for the first time in nine years.  The Bulldogs play Hawaii next week.

Read more here: