Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Who Are You?

Yeah, that's right, we really want to know:

And no, you aren't about to be transported to an episode of CSI, though admittedly it is an intriguing thought.

But anyway...

We are nearing the 1/4 pole and well, things have sort of settled out. At least a little bit.

Yes, mighty Alabama struggled with Colorado State, but consider it a hangover from Texas A&M week. At least one team, either LSU or Georgia, who are playing each other, will probably get voted off the island or have to pack up their knives and leave the BCS title hunt after this week--

For reference:

But enough of that. Did we mention we were 13-2 last week and 38-3 on the season?

And as the great Casey Kasem once said; "Let's get on with the Countdown"


1) Alabama 3-0. Right or wrong, they've earned the right to stay here until someone beats them. Tell 'em Ric:

The Tide hasn't really been that dominant this year, we'll see if they can put it together. ( This Week: vs. Ole Miss. Our Pick: Alabama 31, Ole Miss 28)

2) Oregon 3-0. Why is everyone anointing them a berth in the BCS game again? So what, they scored 59 vs. a crappy Tennessee team two weeks ago. They won't be the last. Still gotta play UCLA and Stanford, neither will be easy. (This Week: vs Cal, Our Pick: Oregon 59, Cal 21)

3) Clemson 3-0. Reality is quickly setting in and as much as we like Tajh Boyd, we still aren't convinced the Tigers will run the table. But they won't lose this week. (This Week: vs. Wake Forest. Our Pick: Clemson 33, Wake 20)

4) Stanford 3-0. Kicked it up a notch last week and coasted to a win over a decent Az. State team. Like this team, but the schedule after this week, gets a lot tougher. (This Week: at Wash. State. Our Pick: Stanford 31, Wash. St. 23)

5) Ohio St. 4-0. The Buckeyes may be for real, but we won't know til they actually play a tough team, something in limited supply in the Little 10. Let's see how the Urban-ator incorporates a 2 QB system against a team with a defense. (This Week: vs. Wisconsin. Our Pick: tOSU 31, Wisconsin 23)

6) LSU 4-0. Another team that hasn't been pushed hard yet. So far, they've done everything well, but haven't been challenged. Going Between the Hedges will change that. (This Week: at Georgia. Our Pick: UGA 37, LSU 31)

7) Florida St. 3-0. It's real easy to rack up tons of points and gaudy stats playing the Bethune Cookman's and Nevada's of the world. And really, outside Clemson, the schedule isn't tough for these guys. (This Week: at Boston College. Our Pick: FSU 41, Boston College 27)

8) Texas A&M 3-1. Keep doing what you are doing Johnny Football. You are the perfect WWE style heel. Tell 'em Ric:

You need to kick some defensive players ass though, you can't do this yourself. (This Week: at Arkansas. Our Pick: Aggies 38, Arkie 28)

9) Georgia 2-1. Time to put up or shut-up Dawgs. You've got LSU at your house and it looks like this will be the toughest game left on your schedule. Are you up to the task? Win and your path is clear, lose and we hope you like your Outback Steak. (This Week: vs. LSU. Our Pick See #6)

10) Louisville 3-0. Sorry Cardinals fans, no respect. You've done nothing that screams "National Title" contender. Look at the schedule. Take a long look at it. UCF and maybe Cincinnati will be your only tests. And yes, we still love Teddy B. (This Week: BYE)

11) UCLA 3-0. We honestly are happy for Jimmy Mora. We always maintained he'd be a great college coach and now he's proving it. Keep doing what you are doing sir. Of course having Brett Hundley run the show isn't hurting either. (This Week: BYE)

12) Miami, FL (3-0). Why not. The 'Canes are back. At least for now. No props for dropping a 77 spot on Savannah State. Our alma mater (Ga.Southern) did that too. If Stephen Morris stays healthy, you have a shot at the belt. The schedule gets easier from here too. (This Week: at S.Florida. Our Pick: Miami 37, USF 10)


5) Massachusetts (0-4). Woe be the Minuteman. The good= Only giving up 32.5 ppt, the bad--only scoring 7 ppg. Yeah, that's probably not going to win very much--if ever. (This Week: BYE Our Pick: Bye 32.5, UMass 7)

4) Temple 0-3. It's not been a great year for football in the Philly area so far. Uh, yeah, Temple is 1 of 2 AAC teams in this part of the poll. And two more are hanging right on the fringe. Losing to 1? At home? With 4 seconds to go? Really? (This Week: at Idaho--oooof. Our Pick: Idaho 21, Temple 20)

3) New Mexico St. 0-4. Bad. Starting with 2 ranked teams on schedule. Less Bad, the other 2 aren't ranked. More bad, all 4 were losses and none were close. Oh...did we mention giving up 50 ppg? (This Week: vs. San Diego St. Our Pick: SDSU 21, NM St. 15)

2) Florida International 0-4. It's a bad year to be a Pelini. Bo has his issues in Nebraska and Carl coaches arguably the worst team in the NCAA. Did we mention the 72 spot they gave up last week? Or the loss to Bethune Cookman? Yeah...thought so. (This Week: at Southern Miss. Our Pick: Southern Miss 5, FIU 2 Pelini's)

1) Southern Miss 0-3. So yeah, the reigning title holder stays put. Much like Alabama

Somehow, the Golden Eagles aren't last in Conference USA, but they haven't played any conference games yet either. That changes this week. (This Week: vs FIU, Our Pick: see above)

Yes America, this may be the single worst game in the history of College Football, Florida International vs. Southern Miss. Someone has to win---don't they?

At the very least, someone gets off the island:

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