Monday, September 30, 2013

Report: Texas AD DeLoss Dodds to Retire

(( perhaps reports the past couple of weeks that Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds retiring weren't so incorrect after all....

An explanation RIGHT HERE

According to a report by Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman, the Longhorns 76-year old AD will announce on Tuesday that he's retiring at the end of the season. (A polite way, we're guessing of asking him to leave)

And the countdown clock on Texas football coach Mack Brown has picked up speed.

Dodds, who has run the schools athletic department for 32-years hired Brown and has been in front of the schools exponential growth in the world of Sports.

Bohls says the University's president wants a replacement in place by December 1st. Interesting.

Read more from Bohls RIGHT HERE

This folks is the beginning of change for the once-mighty Longhorns. Over the past couple of seasons, despite the "Longhorn Network" funded by ESPN and lining the athletic department coffers, the football team has been an abject failure.

Really they haven't been relevant since the departure of Vince Young in 2005-06.

In that time, they've seen arch-rival Texas A&M not only leave the Big 12, but become wildly successful as a member of the SEC. They've seen their other arch-rival, Oklahoma continue a consistent  run of BCS appearances.

But the Longhorns, not so much.

There's already been talk they will and have reached out to Alabama coach Nick Saban, the biggest fish in all the land. We'd be mildly surprised if that happened.

The new AD, whomever it is, will have their hands full trying to quell a restless donor base not fond of being a less big fish in a really big pond. Combine the action in Austin with the Lane Kiffin firing at USC, just 5 weeks in and, well, we can't wait for The Coaching Carousel to begin this December...

((Note--Reports already are circulating this move is to get the process started on a coaching search. Texas appears to have become concerned USC will have a large advantage and early start before Carousel begins))

Here's Dodds, just two weeks ago, denying this would happen: (Thanks KXAN-TV)

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