Friday, September 20, 2013

49ers Star LB Arrested Again

Safe to say, it hasn't been the best week to be a San Francisco 49er.

The week begins with a crushing loss to the Seattle Seahawks and now as you are deep in preparation for a game with the Indianapolis Colts when you find out your arguably best defensive player was arrested early Friday morning.

Aldon Smith was apparently involved in a crash around 7 a.m on Friday. San Jose Police were called out to a report of a single vehicle crash about that time. Smith was involved, given a breathalyzer test and charged with DUI.

And it's not Smith's 1st brush with the law.

He was arrested in January of 2012 in Miami and charged with suspicion of drunken driving. And recently, his name has surfaced in a lawsuit filed by someone claiming to have been shot at a party at Smith's home.

Read more about Smith's troubles from RIGHT HERE

No word on what the 49ers plan to do with Smith leading into Sunday's game. Our suspicion is, at least for this week, probably nothing.

But there seems to be a theme developing here. We aren't coming out and saying that the teams best Linebacker might have some issues. But this may be the point where an outside party might need to step in with some discipline....

Just our 2-cents...

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