Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bengals Fans Revolt Against Katy Perry


Why on god's green earth would an NFL Football team think that having a Katy Perry song be their teams "run-on-the-field" music is a mystery not only to the people of Cincinnati but those who are fans of any NFL team.

Yet that's exactly what the Cincinnati Bengals did.

Or were doing.

The team decided for some strange reason to use Perry's "Roar" song as the music to be played as they take the field at Paul Brown Stadium.

Not exactly the most intimidating thing you'll ever hear. Certainly not anything that will strike fear in an opponents heart or get the home team or crowd pumped up.

Well...the Bengals, thanks to a rather vocal backlash from their fans, have changed their minds.

Rather than delve into the mountain of jokes that can be made here, we'll just put out our suggestions for new entrance music for the Bengals gameday crew to ponder:

There's always this:

Or this:

Or maybe this:

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