Monday, September 23, 2013

Things You Can't Unsee: Golfers Trying To Rap


Who comes up with ideas like this?

Yeah, sure, we get that the PGA Tour is desperate to get whatever attention they can now that football has started and they've been pretty much forgotten, but geez, this?

Because you know you are clamoring to hear a bunch of rich white guys edited together to sound like they are rapping, we'll share this video with you. The video appears to be an attempt at getting people excited about the FedEx Cup, or an obscenely large check given to a golfer in front of a handful of people with about 10 watching on TV during football game timeouts.

But know going in it's painful. Really painful. Awkward, bad, and well, just why?

If you are going to do a music video, at least try country music or something these guys can actually be believable in.

And if you are going to do something like this, why do it with perhaps the LEAST hip group of people on face of god's green earth?

We are hoping this was their idea of a spoof/joke, but yeah, it doesn't come across that way. It looks like it's an attempt at being serious.


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