Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hernandez Fiancee, Family, And Associate Indicted

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Remember our old friend "reasonable doubt...?"

Well, he was reintroduced when Ernest Wallace decided during his bail hearing yesterday that it was only Aaron Hernandez that exited the car when Odin Lloyd was allegedly murdered in June. Wallace originally said it was Hernandez and Carlos Ortiz that exited the car when Lloyd was shot and killed.

So, today Fall River (MA) authorities brought charges on Hernandez's girlfriend/fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, was indicted on a single charge of perjury in connection to the murder investigation.

From My Fox Boston:

In August, the Hartford Courant reported investigators searched a storage unit in Connecticut rented to Jenkins because they believed she made "overt attempts to hide evidence" as well as to "hinder and mislead" the murder investigation. The newspaper reports surveillance video, text messages between Jenkins and her sister, as well as an interview with her sister, are all referenced in the documents as officials suggest Jenkins may have information regarding what happened to the handgun used in the shooting.

According to court documents, Jenkins was reportedly seen on surveillance video carrying a plastic bag believed to contain a "rigid object" from Hernandez's home and placing it into a car one day after Odin Lloyd was found dead. She returned to the home nearly a half hour later without the trash bag.

One of Jenkins' uncles told investigators Jenkins handed him and another uncle a cell phone and Hernandez asked for all of the weapons to be removed from the couple's North Attleborough home. The uncle claims the weapons were discarded "into the woods."

Jenkins was indicted at the same time the grand jury voted to indict Hernandez's cousin, Tanya Singleton, on a charge of conspiracy to commit accessory after the fact. Investigators say Ernest Wallace, who is charged with accessory to murder after the fact, told Singleton about the fatal shooting. She was held after refusing to testify before the Hernandez grand jury.

Carlos Ortiz had also previously pleaded not guilty to a gun charge in connection to the case after cooperating with investigators. A plea deal fell apart and Ortiz was indicted on a charge of accessory to murder after the fact as well today...

Here's the story...
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All this movement by the Massachusetts grand jury and authorities means that the Wallace testimony doesn't look to be any more credible and the prosecution is looking for some back up in order to convict...

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