Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Johnny B. Good Edition

So, did you watch the Alabama/Texas A&M game this past Saturday.

Anyone remember this?

Fun stuff, right?

Great game...if you were an offensive guy. And yeah, Johnny Football (Manziel), he was pretty good. Only problem...A.J McCarron was better.

But in all seriousness, as usual, we're nearly a week in and the season is quickly sorting itself out.

Unless you are Bo Pelini...

Interpret that as you will.

In the meantime...last week, not bad: 14-0, watch out '72 Dolphins...and a combined 25-1 on the season.

So with that in mind, it's "On with the Countdown"--


1) Alabama (2-0) Yup, they took care of business, but had to work...hard for it. If the champ plays defense like this, the SEC may get confused for the Big 12 before the season ends. Cupcake week this week for the Tide. (This Week: vs. Colorado St. Our Pick: 31, Colorado St. 17)

2) Oregon (3-0) So, the Ducks are already being talked about as being a title team. Haven't we heard this before? Though in all seriousness, Tennessee barely made them sweat. That won't change for awhile. Unless they choke like all Pac-12 teams do. (This Week: vs. Cal. Our Pick: Oregon 51, Cal 23)

3) Clemson (2-0) Conference play. Conference Play. If it's Thursday night, it must be ACC Football. Rest has been needed. It gets tougher from here. This won't be the week they lose an ACC Game. (This Week: Clemson 37, NC State 20)

4) Ohio St. (3-0) Ok, so this Kenny Guiton guy is pretty good. And he's the backup. The starter, Braxton Miller is supposedly ready to play again. And he's pretty good too. But how good is the rest of the team? Jury is still out. Cupcake alert. (This Week: vs. Florida A&M. Our Pick: tOSU 43, FAMU 10)

5) Stanford (2-0). So, the Cardinal haven't exactly lit things up this year, have they...Sure, they beat Army, but not without struggling, that will need to change if they want' to be successful. Quickly. (This Week: vs. Arizona St. Our Pick: Stanford 31, ASU 21)

6) Louisville (3-0). It's good to be Teddy Bridgewater right now, isn't it? He's really good, the team is decent, but geez, who do they play? All that's missing is a game with Western Kentucky and they can be the kings of the Bluegrass state, but in football, what does that get you? (This Week: vs. Florida Int. Our Pick: Teddy B's 35, FIU 10)

7) Florida St. (3-0) Hey, lookie here, they put up 62 vs. Jamies Winston, a freshman. Well, he's 40-45 throwing the ball. Pretty good. But much like Louisville, they haven't exactly played anyone yet. And won't til they see Clemson. (This Week: vs. Bethune Cookman. Our Pick: FSU 40-45, BCC 13)

8) LSU (3-0). 

Folks. We give you Les Miles. Nothing else to say. (This Week: vs. Auburn. Our Pick: LSU 23, Auburn 18)

9) Texas A&M (2-1) Ok. Admit it. Even though they lost, Texas A&M was pretty impressive. And as good as Johnny Football is, if he keeps running like he is, he's gonna get hurt. Yeah, I said it. Schedule sets up well for the Aggies though from here. (This Week: vs. SMU. Our Pick: Aggies 37, SMU 20)

10) Georgia (1-1) If any college team needed the week off last week, it was these guys. And you can argue they are getting 2 weeks even though they play on Saturday. UGA and Bama look eeerily similar this early in the season. We'll see if that holds. (This Week: vs. N.Texas. Really? Our Pick: UGA 43, N.Texas 13)

11) UCLA (2-0) Props to the Bruins and Jimmy Mora for the big win at Nebraska. This is arguably our darkhorse team of the season. Love us some Brett Hundley. How well did he adjust in the second half of the Nebraska game? Wow. (This Week: vs. New Mexico St. Our Pick: UCLA 33, NMSt. 21)

12) Miami (2-0) Flying under the radar. This makes 3. Yes...3, ACC teams in our top 12. Though we don't see any scenario where that will hold. But it's all good...for now. (This Week: vs. Savannah St. Our Pick: Miami 90, Savannah St. 3) 


5) Memphis (0-2) All we can think of is this...

Being bad and being good at it. Say no more. (This Week: vs. Arkansas St. Our Pick: Ark St. 41, Memphis 20)

4) Texas (1-2). Just because we've looked forward to putting them on this list for a long, long time. haha! How does it feel now! It's not going to get any easier. (This Week: vs. Kansas St. Our Pick: K-State 27, Texas 26)

3) UMass (0-3)

3 Games, 3 TD's. Keep it up boys! (This Week: vs. Vanderbilt. Our Pick: Vandy 37, UMass 7)

2) Georgia St. (0-3) Sorry guys. You are outclassed. Buy a large, large margin. Though we are impressed you only gave up 41 to W.Virginia. Way to keep it close! (This Week: vs. Jacksonville St. Our Pick: J-State 31, Ga State 13)

1) Southern Miss (0-3) So, Arkansas didn't dismember you. You've got that going for you. 2-years here, you are the defending champs. Do something about it! Please. (This Week: BYE. Our Pick: BYE 34, Southern Miss 10)

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