Monday, September 16, 2013

Charlotte Cop Fired 12 Shots At Ex-FAMU Player, Hit Him 10 Times

((HT: NBC Charlotte))

Charlotte police officer Randall Kerrick fired his gun 12 times at an unarmed Jonathan Ferrell- hitting him 10 times. Ferrell is a former Florida A&M football player who was shot and killed by Kerrick while Kerrick was seeking help after a car accident Saturday.

The investigation by the Charlotte PD showed Kerrick did not have "a lawful right to discharge his weapon during this encounter."

As police are reconstructing what they think happened that led up to the shooting, current investigations yield that police think Ferrell had wrecked his car, and then was knocking on a house near the crash to try and get help. The woman in the home called police to report she thought a man was trying to break in to her home.

Police encountered Ferrell about a block away. An officer shot and killed him, and police said Ferrell was even running towards the officers at the scene at the time that the weapon was discharged. Kerrick was then charged with voluntary manslaughter, and he made bail late Saturday night.

"The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department reiterates that this is a very unfortunate incident and it has devastated a family as well as caused a great deal of sadness and anxiety in our organization," CMPD spokeswoman Jessica Wallin said in a statement.

Here's the first report...
Ferrell's family spoke today in Charlotte and gave their testimonial... ((HT: Family attorney, Christopher Chestnut, told the assembled media at the presser: "We’re planning to get answers,” he said. “If that requires a lawsuit, then we will.” From the Charlotte Observer article from Wootson and Lyttle: Police released an incident report Monday that shows that after the shooting, Kerrick said he had been assaulted. The report said he received minor injuries, but refused medical attention. It does not indicate who assaulted him. But many questions remain, including the positions of Ferrell and the officers, whether the officers shouted commands and a detailed timeline of events. Police also have explained why the Taser was unsuccessful. Police have not released the 911 recording or any video from the scene.

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