Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lions Nate Burleson Breaks Arm Trying to Catch Pizza

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Yes, it's another in the ongoing saga known as "Things We Can't Make Up".

In today's edition, Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson breaks his arm in an early Tuesday morning, single vehicle crash in a Detroit suburb.

Burleson was on his way home after doing a personal appearance at West Bloomfield, Michigan pizza place with teammate Stephen Tulloch. He had a fresh, hot pizza on the passenger seat of his GMC Yukon and when the pizza began sliding off the seat, Burleson tried to catch it.

He ended up in the median on Interstate 695 in Farmington Hills, his arm broken and emergency crews en route.

He was taken to an area hospital and according to Lions coach Jim Schwartz, will have surgery Wednesday to repair the damage.

And note---Police say in no uncertain terms, there was NO alcohol involved in the incident.

You can read more from the Detroit Free-Press RIGHT HERE


This isn't even one of those "How do you explain that?" kinda things. You have to feel bad for Burleson for doing what probably any one of us would have done in that situation, more out of instinct rather than it being the right thing to do.

Schwartz did add his receiver won't be going on the Injured Reserve list and expects to be back before the season is out.

But man, what kind of jokes is he gonna get when he gets back in the locker room?

Here's Schwartz addressing the accident in his press conference:

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