Thursday, January 31, 2013

Phil Mickelson and the Near 59

Talk about having a good day.

PGA Golfer Phil Mickelson, already recognized as one of the greats playing the game today, added to his legend Thursday at the Phoenix Open.

That's where he nearly went into the record books, shooting an 11-under, 60 to take the early first round lead.

Mickelson had a chance to walk away with a record tying 59, something done only 5 times in PGA Tournament history, but lipped out his birdie putt on the last hole.

For those who missed it, here's the last putt (Thanks PGA Tour)

Move Over Northern Illinois, Sarah Lawrence College Only Scores Four Points In A Half

Northern Illinois you now have company for college basketball futility. 
Sarah Lawrence College is a small NCAA Division III school located in Bronxville, New York.  Wednesday night the Gryphons battled Hudson Valley Men’s Athletic Conference rival St. Joseph’s College Brooklyn in tiny Noyes Court at Campbell Sports Center on the SLC campus.

Sarah Lawrence College 2012-13 Team Photo

In front of an intimate gathering of 114, that was the official attendance, the Gryphons put on a performance perhaps only Northern Illinois can relate to, on the bad end of a 71-20 pounding from St. Joseph’s Brooklyn.  That’s right, Sarah Lawrence only scored 20 points for the game, only 4 points in the second half.
That sound familiar NIU Huskie fans?
The good thing for Sarah Lawrence College is there seems to be no video evidence of this display of basketball futility.  Those of us in the OSG HQ have been searching and have come up empty.
This is the closest we could find that just might resemble Wednesday night’s game.

The only recorded history of the SLC/St. Joseph's Brooklyn game is this game report on SLC's athletic web site

To say Sarah Lawrence College is offensively challenged is an understatement.  The Gryphons average 34 points per game and shooting 44 percent as a team.
The 20 points SLC scored Wednesday night is not the least the Gryphons have scored in a game this season.  Back on November 17th SLC lost to Framingham State 74-14.  Then two months later the Gryphons  could only score 19 points in a 78-19 loss to Vassar College.
To be fair SLC has won four games this season which is the most in five years.  The Gryphons even swept the two game home and home series against Webb Institute. 
Those of us in the OSG HQ are wondering what a Northern Illinois/Sarah Lawrence match-up would be like.  First one to 30 wins?

Former Baseball Star Mark Grace Gets 4 Month Jail Sentence

Mark Grace

What is that saying about "When it rains is pours"?

Former Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks player Mark Grace was sentenced to 4-months in jail Thursday afternoon as part of a DUI arrest plea agreement.

It was not his first DUI.

Grace, who summarily lost his job as an analyst with the Diamondbacks broadcast team after his August arrest. That arrest led to 4 felony DUI counts by a grand jury.

The former ballplayer expressed his regret and apologized to the judge for his actions, but that wasn't enough to keep him out of the pokey.

According to, Grace reports to jail on Feb.10th, but is eligible for a "Work-release" program.

Your Inflatable Nebraska Mascot Drug Induced Video of the Day

The headline is the only explanation we could think of since there's apparently no context for this.

Check out this somewhat strange, techno-music produced video of an inflatable University of Nebraska mascot break dancing and other things in an arena surrounded by other mascots.

It's either a dream sequence or someone is doing to much ecstasy. It's the only explanation that makes any sense.

BUZZER BEATER: This One Should Not Have Counted But Did

Any buzzer beater situation on college basketball has to be reviewed by the game officials.  That didn’t happen Wednesday night in a NCAA Division III college basketball game between Lycoming and Messiah.
Lycoming’s Michael Rudy tipped in a desperation shot from Jerald Williams at the buzzer to steal a road win for the Warriors 67-66.  Look carefully though, it appears the red light went on with the ball still in Rudy’s hands. 

Here’s the evidence as the buzzer beater occurs at the 3:05 mark on the time line. (Thanks TheMessiahFalcons)

The video evidence is compelling, the shot should not have counted.  The officials didn’t have a monitor to review the replay so they just walked off the court. 
“It could be easy for us to focus on that last play, but we can't and we won't.”  Messiah head coach Rick Van Pelt said.

Rudy finished the game with 12 points.  Chris Foreman led Lycoming with 25 points.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Report: Joe Vitt: "Gregg Williams Wanted Players To Take Out Opposing Coaches"

Gregg Williams

Really? Gregg Williams did what?

According to a report in Wednesday's New Orleans Times-Picayune, New Orleans Saints Assistant Coach Joe Vitt made some strong allegations against former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who is accused of running a bounty program.

Among the nuggets the paper found after obtaining Vitt's testimony with former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue: Williams once promised to reward players for knocking down or going for the knees of opposing teams assistant coaches if on or near the sidelines.

Vitt says he went behind Williams and told players to not even think about actually doing that.

The story goes on to describe former assistant Mike Cerrulo as a "liar" and "idiot" who scared his fellow assistant coaches and head coach Sean Payton.

Read the entire story RIGHT HERE

We find it less than coincidental that (a) the Super Bowl is about to be played in New Orleans where commissioner Roger Goodell is reviled and (b) Williams is up for a job as an assistant coach job with the Tennessee Titans.

If Vitt's allegations are even remotely true, Williams has no business ever coaching again. Yes, he served a 1-year suspension, but this may even be too much to get him back. Seriously, why would any time go through having him on their sidelines.

Sure, we get football is a violent game, and yeah, some odd things happen on the field. But going after coaches? Seriously?

To Build Or Not To Build... The New GTA Centre Moves On... NHL Expands To 32 To Do It...???

((HT: Sportsnet))

The idea is there... to build another arena in the Greater Toronto area...
This time in the suburb of Markham where the former boss of Bauer Hockey is looking to make another opportunity for pro hockey in the Golden Horsehoe...

Last night, in Markham, the city council was having a contentious meeting as to whether or not to proceed with funding, building, and otherwise get things moving to build the thing.

Former NHLPA big-wig Paul Kelly spoke to the group and asked to build it- almost guaranteeing the tenant...
((HT: Adam Desloges))

Kelly made the rounds this morning with anyone willing to listen to his pied-piperness on the subject- including FOSG Jim Lang on the Fan590:

"I just [explained] to the council and to the citizens that you really don’t get many opportunities to at least have a shot at landing an NHL franchise. These windows come, and while they’re there you’ve got to take advantage of them. And frankly, this is Markham’s time. If they ever hope to land a second team in the Greater Toronto Area, this is the best opportunity they will have.”

Kelly's hook depends on the idea of expanding to 32 teams, but at the same time, there are so many franchises in flux that the concept of being a relocation site would be an easy play.

The vote to keep the idea alive passed by a 7-6 margin. That means the C$325-million project moves ahead, with Markham taxpayers on the hook for half the cost of the complex.

CTV News caught up with FOSG Howard Bloom to discuss a second franchise.

CBC's Monica Platek collected a lot of opinions on the idea as the night went through...

Vandy's James Franklin Calls Nick Saban "Nicky Satan"



What is this? The head coach at Vanderbilt talking smack about perennial national championship coach Nick Saban?

Yup, that's exactly what he appears to have done.

James Franklin was speaking to Central High School in Macon, Georgia when called Alabama's head coach, Nicky Satan.


It was spoken within the context of outworking "The Man" himself, but hmmmm...wonder how that will go over in Tuscaloosa?

Granted, we don't think Saban really will care one way or the other. But you can be darn skippy that the 'Bama fanbase is going to bring it up. As will the Alabama media who pretty much report on even the smallest of slights.

Vandy's been making some noise in the SEC, with back to back bowl seasons in, well, the first time ever. And it's probably not such a bad thing Vandy and Alabama don't play this upcoming season either.

Props to Franklin for being aggressive and aiming high. We don't know if the Nicky Satan thing was such a good idea publicly, but nice set of cojones there James.

Here's your video:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Report: Atlanta Falcons to LA? The Fine Art of Stadium Negotiations


Local Atlanta breaking news: The Falcons may move to Los Angeles.

Really, you believe that?

Yes, that's right, Atlanta FOX-TV station, fronted by friend of the OSG Gil Tyree, reports that Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed is telling city council members that they need to be more aggressive in funding a "New" Falcons stadium or the team "Might" leave for Los Angeles.

This comes on the heels of a report, the team has settled on finalists to design the new palace:

Read the story from WXIA-TV RIGHT HERE

Seriously. Does anyone REALLY believe the Falcons "Might" leave Atlanta?

Check out the report from Thursday night:

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

No, sorry, a lot of things may happen before the Falcons get a new stadium, but the Los Angeles Falcons, well, that is just throwing stuff out there. Or what is commonly referred to as being asked to "Stir the Pot".

Do we believe that Mayor Reed is floating this? Yes.

But this is called a "Scare Tactic".... designed to make the public think they might lose their team.

Nobody, is moving the team.

Here's why this is even being discussed:

The Falcons are trying to get a new stadium in Atlanta. The team is lagging behind other NFL Teams in generating revenue. And they feel strongly that the 20-year old Georgia Dome they currently play in is not going to be enough to help change that.

So they are in the process of trying to negotiate for a new stadium. And they've made what they believe to be a fair offer.

A $1 Billion stadium, funded primarily by owner Arthur Blank's $700 million. The team is asking the state to contribute the rest from an Atlanta area "Hotel/Motel" tax.

Here's the problem. The ultra-conservative people in Georgia are panicked over this. They believe, thanks in large part to the local media, that they will be on the hook for the $300 million. The common refrain is, "They have the Dome, why do we need to buy them a new place?" "Use the money for something better".

They aren't as "On the Hook" for this as they are being led to believe.

The $300 million would come from the Georgia World Congress Center, who manages the property they want to build on. That "Hotel/Motel" tax money, is money designated strictly for use by the GWCC. The money comes from visitors who come stay in Metro Atlanta, not the people who live there. And Blank is apparently willing to cover the inevitable cost overruns.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle briefly mentions it RIGHT HERE

But that isn't for the most part how it has been presented in Atlanta.

Read a story by WSB-TV RIGHT HERE

Mind you, we are not big fans of the public having to buy any gazillionaire a new place. You can look up our track record on the subject. But out of the deals we've read up on so far, this one has the least impact on the public we've ever seen short of the team paying the full ticket. We believe Blank has made a pretty strong offer.

What we don't like is the premise of potential "Seat Licenses" and higher prices. There's a reason the NFL, despite being the most popular televised event in all the land, is suffering a bit at the gate.

They've priced themselves out of reach for a lot of fans, for reasons like new stadiums to increase revenues.

But, what bothers us is the local Atlanta media has, for the most part, portrayed it as "You the taxpayer are paying to buy the Falcons a new stadium", leaving out the part about visitors from out of town who pay the "Hotel/Motel" tax will actually be footing the bill. And the Falcons have been thus far, losing the PR war. Surveys say that public is almost 70-30 against any tax money being involved. Not surprising

So....we're at a bit of a standoff.

The MyFoxAtlanta story goes on to mention that the state is leery of doing the deal, though Blank is pondering contributing more money. That's why Reed, and the city of Atlanta are looking to get in the game.

The whole thing quite honestly is a bit funny. With OSG World HQ based in Atlanta, we get to see the fine art of "Stadium Negotiation" take place in person. And like we said, we believe Reed said the "Falcons Might Move". But we don't believe it.

For a second.

The Falcons will get a new stadium in a couple of years, they'll win, the NFL always does. And the stadium will be financed primarily by Blank, though some government entity is going to end up ponying up money for a portion of it. Would the people of Atlanta rather tourists pay that part, or would they rather pay for it themselves?

So... Did A-Rod Or Didn't A-Rod Take Recent PED's...???

((HT: Miami New Times/Elfrink))

According to Tim Elfrink's Miami New Times article, a three-month investigation into the Biogenesis clinic near the University of Miami campus has yielded some big names in its net- including Alex Rodriguez who has stated publicly that he's been off the PED train for almost ten years...

Remember the Peter Gammons interview...???
((HT: ESPN/youtube))

Anthony Bosch ran Biogenesis and has somewhat disappeared when a list of names that's fairly well known in baseball circled as part of an alleged client list given to the New Times- Melky Cabrera, Oakland A's hurler Bartolo Colón, Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez and Texas Rangers slugger Nelson Cruz.

From Elfrink:

The notebooks and client lists aren't the only evidence linking Rodriguez to Bosch. Former employees say Bosch would openly brag about selling drugs to Rodriguez.

"He was always talking about A-Rod," says one former employee who asked not to be named. "We never saw any athletes in the office, so we didn't know if he was just talking bullshit or not. But he would brag about how tight they were."

The two connections to all of the athletes and Biogenesis seem to be that they all had a hook with the UM program and they possibly caught once before by Major League Baseball on an investigation of some degree.

But whether or not Biogenesis has actually helped Rodriguez is another matter as his body seems to be breaking down more consistently these days. The HQ rubs its chin and wonders aloud why that is...

He has not played a full season with the Yankees since 2007 and had his second lowest batting average in his career last season. He played in only 122 games before going on the DL. He also hasn't hit more than 30 HR in a season since 2008.

The Yankees owe Rodriguez $114 million over the five years left on his current contract. When it expires, Rodriguez will be 41-years-old. He will, at that point, be one very expensive designated hitter...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Would Fulmer Return To ETSU...???

((HT: Johnson City Press/Williams))

Safe to say, the HQ knows that Phillip Fulmer would come back to coach football. He intimated as much at a recent Boys and Girls Clubs fundraiser in northeast Tennessee.

From Williams:

“I’ve always said I would coach again if the right opportunity presented itself. I would coach again, but it would have to be a real unique situation.

“We’ll see,” Fulmer said. “I would certainly be willing to help any way that I can as they look at whatever is out there.”

Fulmer is going to keep an eye on the situation as it may (or may not) develop in Johnson City. The Buccaneers dropped football back in 2003, thought about bringing it back in 2007, didn't bring it back, and are now thinking about doing it all over again.

Dr. Brian Noland is the current president at East Tennessee State. He told Kelly Hodge of the Press, back in December, that the school looks to have football in place by 2016:

“The process will begin in January as we move into a new semester,” he said. “We’ve already begun the data collection, financial reviews and looked at feasibility studies other institutions have conducted. If it’s the will of the community to move forward on football — and I anticipate that’s where we’re heading — we could start filling staff positions in 2013.”

Here's some Bucs highlights from the 1996 season to keep your interest in the short term. Brandon Walker was Southern Conference Freshman of the Year over some guy named Randy Moss...

Report: University of Tennessee Drowning in Debt


Who says that all college sports teams are responsible with their money? For that matter the University of Tennessee may personify why they are all constantly seeking fatter and fatter TV deals.

In today's Sports Business Journal, there's a report saying the state run "Flagship" university is over $200 million in debt.

Yes, $200 million.

The University apparently has a $99.5 million dollar athletic budget and $13 million of it goes towards their $21 million a year in debt payment.

Hmmmm....we're guessing they struggled with accounting over there in Knoxville.

Read the entire SBJ as told by Michael Smith RIGHT HERE

The list of reasons for this is pretty damn long. From former Athletic Director Mike Hamilton's penchant for hiring coaches like Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley and others whom they still owe money to, to an extravagant spending spree on upgraded facilities like a $50 million athletic center, the Vols have been apparently dishing it out much better than they've been taking it.

It doesn't help that the underperforming football team is hemorrhaging fans at 109,000 plus seat Neyland Stadium, which also has been recently remodeled.

The school is counting heavily on the SEC football deal to be updated in the very near future. And yeah, that will probably help. But if you really think that college football is a "Well-Run" business, you'd be wrong.

Part of the whole realignment issue is schools that have overspent trying to pay off their debts. Schools like Maryland who are also have major debt issues moved from a charter ACC Membership to the Big 10 for one reason and one reason only: More TV Money to pay off their debts.

Somewhere, somehow this has to stop. We don't know how, but it does. When the financial system is set up to benefit a few schools, it kills the others struggling to keep up. It's created a sharper line of have's and have nots. And the have nots want nothing more than to play with the big boys. The problem is, if they do it haphazardly like, say, Tennessee, they end up with mountains of debt.

Maybe it will take a "Big Name" football team shutting down due to bankruptcy. Maybe it will take a bank foreclosing on a palatial "Athletic Building" to wake people up. Though more than likely, nothing will change. Nothing will change because there is far too much TV money involved and as long as ESPN keeps paying major conferences billions of dollars for TV deals, everything will stay as it is now.

Junior Coach Shows Refs How Blind They Are...

((HT: SB Nation))

There have been protests and there have been protests...

And this is a pretty good protest...

Wenatchee Wild (NAHL) assistant coach Chris Clark, as one of his guys got a 7-minute penalty (a 2 plus a 5) after the goal that put Wenatchee down 2-1 in the third, went nuts...

The HQ has no doubt that Clark will get severely suspended and fined... probably more than his actual salary. And he'll be known this side of Phillip Wellman as one of the wilder protests out there...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

OSG Prem: Another Weird FA Day As Spurs And Liverpool Lose

((HT: FA Cup/youtube))

The first surprise was when Leeds United, languishing in the middle of the Championship table, led by Ross McCormack helped give the home team a lead that Spurs couldn't catch back from- Clint Dempsey's goal withstanding...

A 2-1 win in Round 4 moves Leeds to the Round of 16

Liverpool is certainly going to get their share of grief after Brendan Rodgers' Reds went down a goal early to financially-strapped League 1 side Oldham United. It was the first time Liverpool had been beaten away from home in the FA Cup by a team at least two divisions below them since defeat at non-league Worcester City in 1959.

And Matt Smith, who was a year removed from playing outside the pro leagues entirely, scored his first two of the year at a great time...
((HT: FA Cup/Fox Soccer))

Brentford almost made it a clean sweep of Prem sides, but will have to settle for a replay at Stamford Bridge after a 2-2 tie with Chelsea.

BUZZER BEATER: UTEP's McKenzie Moore Hits A Half Court Bomb For The Win

UTEP’s McKenzie Moore might have kept the Miners NCAA Tournament hopes alive.  Moore hit a shot from mid-court at the buzzer on the road to shoot down East Carolina in a battle between Conference USA bubble teams.
Here’s the highlights with the big shot at the end.

"Anytime you make one like that at the end, you feel like you've got a horseshoe up your tail.” UTEP head coach Tim Floyd said.  “It was a great win and it's a spirited locker room, obviously. Our young team needed something like that.”
"The last time I made a shot like that was probably in seventh grade.” Moore said. “I was playing for Martinez Junior High and I made a half court shot at the buzzer at halftime against Dallas Ranch Middle School."

‘It was a heck of a basketball game and heartbreaking loss for us," East Carolina Head Coach Jeff Lebo said. "You kind of feel like you have it and then getting it taken away from you like that is tough.”
McKenzie Moore’s ended the game 3-4 from behind the three point arch for 17 points but the biggest one was the half court bomb.

John Bohannon led the Miners with 23 points.
UTEP is now 11-7 overall but 4-1 in Conference USA.  If the Miners want to make the NCAA Tournament UTEP will need to keep winning.  There are no quality wins on the schedule however they get a bit lucky.  The Miners only play conference heavyweight Memphis once and the Tigers come to El Paso.

This type of win on the road might be the catalyst for a winning streak for UTEP.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Northern Illinois Sets New Record For Bad

((HT: EMUAthletics))

Northern Illinois broke its own NCAA record for being really bad scoring only four points in the first half at Eastern Michigan.

Northern Illinois trailed 18-4 at the half after shooting 1 for 31, including 29 straight misses. Earlier this season, Northern Illinois set the record for fewest points in a first half with five against Dayton back on December 1st.

The Huskies' 3.2 percent field goal percentage in the first half also set a record, breaking Savannah State's 4.3 percent "success rate" against Kansas State on Jan. 7, 2008. Their one made field goal also tied Savannah State's record in that 2008 game.

The Huskies finished the game 8 for 61 from the field for 13.1 percent, another NCAA record. The Huskies finished 1 for 33 from three-point.

The record for fewest points in a game is 20 set by Saint Louis in January 2008.

Here's the highlights, if you're an Eastern Michigan fan, anyway...

It was the first time since December 7th, 2004 that Eastern held an opponent to less than 30 points- beating Rochester College, 89-29. The 25 points given up were also the lowest points EMU has allowed since January 21st, 1943, when they beat Hillsdale College, 61-21.

Big East Turns Into Bat Cave

((HT: blueduke19))

This is, probably, the only positive pub the Big East has gotten in the last few months... and it doesn't have the slightest bit to do with an actual win or loss.

Someone got into the Marquette-Providence game without a ticket and made sure to hang around and dive bomb whatever it could for a while...

Here's the proof...

They even tried to turn the lights out to encourage said bat to leave...
Here's the highlights in the 81-71 win for Marquette...
((HT: Big East/ESPN))

27 Killed After Port Said Riot Verdicts

First, a little context...

Last year, two rival Egyptian clubs, Al-Ahly and Al-Masry, didn't get to finish their match as violence broke out. 74 were killed by the time the riots concluded as it was determined that local police did little or nothing to keep the violence down once it started and were not assisting those who were fleeing the stadium and the violence.

Here are some of the live elements from that night...

21 of the 73 defendants in the ensuing trial had their verdicts read today and they were sentenced to death for their actions. Violence broke out after the verdicts were read and 27 more were killed.

People were killed when police fired tear gas, bird shot and other live ammunition at the mob who was protesting the verdicts outside the prison where the defendants are being held. Two soccer players were killed on their way to do training near the prison. One of the players was shot three times according to a local health official.

Protesters are also using this verdict as a way to protest the policies and tenure of President Mohammed Morsi. Before the verdict was read, Morsi declared that each family of the deceased from the original riot was to receive the US equivalent of $15,000 for their pain and suffering.

Here's Euronews coverage of the verdict

It Was A Weird FA Day: Norwich and QPR Go Down

And, that, really is the only way we can describe it...

It was the 4th Round of the All-In tournament known as one of the most prestigious tourneys in all of British football...

And the All-in moniker came back to bite a few Premier League teams Saturday...

Blue Square Bet Premier League side Luton Town knocked off Norwich- who really have some pressing matters now... and it wouldn't surprise the HQ if Canaries manager Chris Hughton is on borrowed time...

It's the first time in 27 years that a non-league side knocked off a bigger squad...
((HT: FACup/lovefootballworld))

Elsewhere, MK Dons knocked off QPR (and we all know how 'arry Redknapp took to that), and the day before when Millwall beat Aston Villa 2-1 the HQ wonders just how much longer Paul Lambert will be around as Villa's boss.

Here was their celebration- after they chucked beer bottles at the Villa players...

ICYMI: LeBron James tackles Half-Court Shot making fan


Okay, this is actually pretty cool.

Say what you will about LeBron James, but it's obvious the guy just likes having basketball related fun.

If you haven't seen this video, check out the reaction after a fan at Friday night's Miami Heat/Detroit Pistons game tries a half-court shot for $75,000.

The guy kind of throws up a throw kind of shot...and drains it!

Then watch what happens. James comes running off the bench and tackles him. It's really funny.

Talk about your "Memorable moment".

Here's the video:

Friday, January 25, 2013

Was Yakupov's Celebration Too Much...???


Here's the question of the day...???

Was the goal celebration of Edmonton Oilers rookie Nail Yakupov not enough, just enough, or too much...??? Considering it was a game-tying goal and not a game-winner... considering he's a rookie fresh off the Draft...

Considering all of that stuff...

The "Hockey Central" folks discuss...
The HQ is somewhat torn on the decision... While we dig the celebration, and it reminds us of a young Ilya Kovalchuk ((HT: RDS/NHL))
It's prolly a little too soon for the slide and glide...

The Story Behind "Man Down! Man Down!"


The HQ is aware that everyone wants our job...
Trust us, we know how cool it is what we get to do for a living...

But to get into the business these days, you have to start younger and younger to get your name out there in the attempt of getting your foot in the door.

That's what two Nashville-Hillsboro students have done with their calls on regional games in central Tennessee...

Like these in a compilation...
((HT: Yahoo!PrepRally))

So, let's find out from the kids themselves about their (how you say) zealousness...
WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

When Johnny Football met Dude Perfect...

You knew it was gonna happen.

For those of you asking "What's with the headline?"

Well, remember the basketball trick shot artists known as "Dude Perfect"? They posted some crazy basketball type shots in a variety of amazing situations on YouTube.

And it just so happens they are from Texas.

That's when they met up with Heisman Trophy winner and Texas A&M Quarterback Johnny "Football" Manziel.

And the crazy hi-jinks went from there as the team competed in a "Trick Shot" olympic-style competition.

The whole thing as you can on YouTube:

BUZZER BEATER: Mike Dunn Shoots Down Northern Colorado

I covered Big Sky Conference basketball for three years and the games were never dull.  Another example was Thursday night in a venue I saw a lot of these wild games, the Walkup Skydome on the Northern Arizona campus.
In a wild ending NAU’s Mike Dunn nailed a buzzer beating three pointer to shoot down Northern Colorado 67-65.

Here’s the highlights, the game winner is at 1:10. (Thanks NAU Athletics)

"Stallon (Saldivar) got Mike the ball in the perfect spot and Mike hit the shot," Northern Arizona head coach Jack Murphy said. "I am sure I am going to be on the other end of those. It is not a good feeling because Northern Colorado played a great game. But we are excited tonight."
NAU’s record improves to 7-12 overall, 4-5 in the Big Sky.


BUZZER BEATER: FSU's Michael Snaer Does It Again. Shoots Down Clemson

Knocking down buzzer beaters is nothing new for Florida State’s Michael Snaer.  Last season he nailed two including a memorable one at Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium that shot down the Blue Devils.
Snaer did it again Thursday night against Clemson.  Here’s the report from FSOG Seminole Productions.

"When the shot went in, I really said in my head, 'I can't believe I did that again,'" Snaer said. "For that to happen again, it feels great to be able to do that for Florida State. As much as this program and this community has done for me, to do that is just amazing."
Snaer finished the game with 11 points.

“They did a very good job of clogging the middle and not giving us the driving lanes.”  Florida State head coach Leonard Hamilton said.  “Michael didn’t have much of a

choice. We didn’t want to ball screen to give them a chance to switch. We wanted to drive the ball at the basket and give them a chance at least to foul us. Their defense was solid enough that Michael didn’t have the look or the lane to drive to the basket. He tried to get a good look at the basket. He is very confident. He knocked it down. It was a big win for us. We needed something positive for us.”

The Seminoles did need to reverse course coming into the Clemson game with a two game losing streak.  The defending ACC Champions hit the road for a Sunday showdown with ACC front runner Miami.

The Hurricanes will be fresh from their season’s signature win over Duke. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Azarenka Pulls Injury Time Out To Beat Stephens

((HT: ESPN))

A lot of people are referring to it as gamemanship- others are calling it flat out fakery...

But Victoria Azarenka used an injury timeout to stop Sloane Stephens' momentum in their semi-final match at the Australian Open. Up 5-3 in the second, Azarenka served for the match and had five match points- losing them all.

She called for a doctor, as rules allow for an injury, and walked off the court. After a 15 minute gap, she came back to the court, won the next game, and ended up in the final against Li Na.

Here's analysis from the four-letter...
((HT: ESPN))

Stephens said after the match about Azarenka: “I’m sure we’ll talk. She should get an oxygen tank and figure it out."

The HQ thinks Stephens knows she got played...

It Was All About The "U" Against Duke. "Canes Beat The Hell Out Of The Blue Devils

We haven’t seen swagger like this from a Miami team since the hay day of the Hurricanes’ football teams of the 1980’s and 1990’s. 
The number one ranked Duke Blue Devils were ambushed by 25th ranked Miami at the Bank United Center 90-63. 

The last time Duke got whack like this was way back on January 18, 1984 when Wake Forest put a pounding on the Blue Devils 97-66.
“They were men, we were boys.”  Duke head coach Mikc Krzyzewski said after the game.
Not an easy thing for Coach “K” to say but spot on.                
Miami locked down Seth Curry who was 0-10 from the field and 0-5 in three point attempts to finish with zero points.
Combined Curry, Mason Plumlee and Quinn Cook were 6-37 from the field and the Blue Devils shot 30 percent.
“In this game you can be hit with anything and then you have to be able to hit back.” Krzyzewski said.
Duke had no counter punch to Miami’s hay makers.  A 25-1 first half run by the Hurricanes turned out to be the finisher.
“We beat the No. 1 team in the nation, that’s big time,’’ Miami center Reggie Johnson said.
What Miami is doing in the ACC is big time.  The ‘Canes are 5-0 in the ACC and right now comfortably in first place. 
Shane Larkin is stating his case as the best point guard in the ACC.  Miami head coach Jim Larranaga said he’s waiting to see the best out of Shane Larkin.  Wednesday night coach “L” saw one of Larkin’s best performances representing the “U”
The son of baseball Hall of Famer Barry Larkin finished with 18 points and 10 rebounds for his first career double-double. Larkin also dished out five assists.
Shane Larkin is all about getting his team mates involved and sharing the ball.
“As a point guard it more important to get your teammates involved.”  Larkin said.  “Getting assists if more important that scoring the basketball.”
10 rebounds from your point guard?  That when you know it was your night.
“I actually couldn’t believe it.” Larkin said. “We do a rebounding drill every day at practice and I guess it’s working out.”
Next up for Miami is a home date with last season’s ACC Champion and in-state rival Florida State.  The ‘Canes better get over Wednesday’s big win, the Seminoles will be ready to bum them out Sunday.
The Hurricanes looked like a Final Four team last night and it’s certainly possible that Miami could be in Atlanta in April. 
On Wednesday though, it was all about the “U”.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The New Orleans Pelicans?

Really? The Pelicans? That's the best you can do?

It appears reports in December that the New Orleans Hornets were considering changing their name to the "Pelicans" are true.

The team has scheduled a Thursday morning press conference that most believe will be an announcement of just such a name change.

Read the story RIGHT HERE

Yes, Louisiana folks, we are well aware that the Pelican, in all its glory is your state bird. But just let it be known the Pelican doesn't exactly sound, well, intimidating.

But then again, the performance of the current Hornets isn't exactly intimidating either.

New team owner Tom Benson (yes, he owns the Saints too), already has the rights to the name so it's a perfect fit...


Sure, New Orleans folks were stuck with the Hornets name after the team moved from Charlotte back in 2002. And yes, they have a VERY legitimate argument for changing THAT name.

But be inspired guys. Try something original. Something that stands up and gets your attention and looks cool.

Sorry we just don't see the image of a Pelican as either.

OSG Prem: Chelsea's Hazard Kicks Ball Boy

((HT: Capital One Cup/youtube))

Chelsea was trailing Swansea City 2-0 on aggregate in the Capital One Cup action this afternoon/tonight and Eden Hazard, in a moment of desperation, decided to do the following to a ball boy in Wales...

Classy move... and it got him an instant red card from the official...

Manager Rafa Benitez was livid, but Hazard will be the one getting a major fine and suspension for this one when it's all done...

More when we know more...

Apparently, Hazard won't face any criminal charges for the incident. But the Football Association is reviewing the whole thing...

From SkySports:

Hazard told Chelsea TV: "The boy put his whole body onto the ball and I was just trying to kick the ball and I think I kicked the ball and not the boy. I apologise.

"The ballboy came in the changing room and we had a quick chat and I apologised and the boy apologised as well, and it is over. Sorry."

Seau Family Sues NFL

And the HQ figured this was only a matter of time...

The Seau family is suing the NFL in a wrongful death claim as they feel the league's ignoring player's conditions has contributed to their early deaths- as a result of the increased rates of CTE diagnosed in former players...

"We were saddened to learn that Junior, a loving father and teammate, suffered from CTE," the family said in a statement. "While Junior always expected to have aches and pains from his playing days, none of us ever fathomed that he would suffer a debilitating brain disease that would cause him to leave us too soon.

"We know this lawsuit will not bring back Junior. But it will send a message that the NFL needs to care for its former players, acknowledge its decades of deception on the issue of head injuries and player safety, and make the game safer for future generations."

Brian McCarthy, spokesman for the National Football League, told, "Our attorneys will review it (the lawsuit) and respond to the claims appropriately through the court."

The Seau family is also putting the helmet-maker, Riddell, in the suit claiming that the helmets they constructed were flawed in their design and still went onto the market.

Here's the report from ABC News that revealed the CTE diagnosis in the Seau suicide...

Huguely Lawyers Ask For New Trial


The lawyers for convicted murderer George Huguely are claiming that “significant constitutional and procedural errors" occurred during the Yeardley Love trial. Therefore, they are calling for a new trial.

The report submitted by Huguely's attorneys claim that Judge Edward Hogshire denied Huguely the right to his chosen lawyer, Rhonda Quagliana, when she was sick and that jury selection was biased.

It also claims the jury selection process was flawed and biased against Huguely.

Prosecutors have 30 days to file a response to the appeal. But it could be up to a year before there's any idea of a new trial...

Here's the latest from Charlottesville...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

KJ Is Trying In Sac-Town, Lawd He's Trying...


While the HQ applauds Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson for his efforts to try and keep the NBA Kings in town, the efforts seem to be coming up a little short in the funds department...

Okay, a "lot short..."

The Maloof brothers have a deal in principle with Seattle hedge fund guy Chris Hansen to pick up the Kings and move them to Hansen's town for a mid-nine figure total.

KJ held a press conference today outlining his attempt to keep the hoops team around... and he introduced civic leaders who are bringing US$19-million to the table.

Please stifle your laughter... he's trying...

Here's some of his presser...
A lot of people, the HQ is sure, were looking forward to hearing about the financial backing the town has from the locals, but KJ admitted that he hopes to make the info public by the end of the week.

But the lack of an arena deal- an idea turned down by the Maloofs last year...
The main sponsorship of Arco now by a mattress company...
And the general disinterest of the current owners to stay...

All are making Mayor Johnson's future audience with NBA Commish David Stern a hard sell- even as Stern himself has washed his hands of the whole thing...

It ain't looking good for a one horse town that can't support their lone horse in the race...

More when we know more...

OSG High: Just What Notre Dame Needs, Another Misunderstanding...

((HT: AJC/Carvell))

Stanley Williams is, what draftniks call, a four-star runningback for George Walton Academy- about an hour outside of OSG HQ...

Evidence below...
((HT: GHSA Network))

He declared to UGA a while back, but allegedly took a visit to Notre Dame to take a look at South Bend...

He was even quoted on going by Rivals:

“The visit went great,” Williams told Blue and Gold Illustrated. “It was great to experience something new and different, and we had a great time at the game. I had been looking forward to it for a while, and it was great to just get out there and see a new place. I plan on getting up there a couple more times in the future.

“Before I took the visit I was very interested in them since they were coming by my school and showing interest in me. After taking the visit there, they are definitely high up there on my list and a factor in my recruitment. They’re definitely an option for me to go to. I’m just looking forward to continuing building our relationship.”

One problem... he never went... and was attributed to the following quote

“I felt a lot of pressure to say I had went on the visit...”

In an interview with ESPN's Radi Nabulsi, Williams went on the offensive on the Blue and Gold report:

“Those are incorrect. I never told anyone I was going anywhere I wouldn't be. I approach the media well, and I tell the truth about my recruitment." Williams also said it was a "misunderstanding."

And the last thing Notre Dame's campus needs right now is ANOTHER misunderstanding...

PAWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! Your Contract's Not Renewed...

((HT: Trussville Tribune Newspaper))

Paul Finebaum and his number two of operations, Ryan Haney, let their contracts expire at midnight and people will not be able to hear his show for further notice.

The Paul Finebaum Radio Network is now, supposedly, weighing its options...

Stay with Sirius/XM, go to Birmingham competitor 97.3TheZone, ESPN, or some combination therein. Finebaum had been with WJOX since 2007 and has been courted by The Zone for over a year...

Most folks in the national Paul Finebaum era know his show for this revelation...
((HT: youtube/PFRN))

More when we know more...

Haith May Face NCAA Ethics Charge


It looks like Uncle Nevin is coming back to bite people from behind bars, and one of them may be current Missouri head hoops coach Frank Haith.

According to a story on, the NCAA may hit Haith with unethical conduct and failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance- two very serious charges that won't be taken lightly.

Nevin Shapiro had accused Haith of acknowledging a $10,000 payoff to land a commitment from DeQuan Jones while he was the Hurricanes head coach back in 2007.
The NCAA can't currently link the 10-grand to Jones and Haith, but they didn't believe his story on his assistants taking the money to repay Shapiro.

There will be a test later on...

Here's the early thoughts from Kansas City...

HOCKEY: Tootoo and Boll scrap after just three seconds

COLUMBUS - There are a lot of hockey fans that go to games just to see the fights. Well, those fans at the Columbus Blue Jackets' home opener Monday  night had to wait just three seconds for what they wanted.

Columbus enforcer Jared Boll and new Detroit Red Wing Jordin Tootoo dropped gloves immediately after the face-off, trading blows in front of a delirious Blue Jacket crowd.

When (Tootoo) is on the ice, he’s got a job to do. You just want to make sure he doesn’t run around and knows that this is our rink. That’s my job," Boll told the Columbus Dispatch after the game. “They obviously wanted to get momentum, and we wanted to get momentum. There was a huge crowd tonight, and I wanted to get (the fans) into it right away.”

Check out the video of the fight...Boll definitely got the best of Tootoo...

The Red Wings were looking to the former Nashville Predator Tootoo to create a spark, after losing their season opener 6-1 to the St. Louis Blues.

The final result: the Blue Jackets lost 4-3 in a four-round shootout before a standing-room-only crowd of 19,206 in Nationwide Arena. I guess Boll won the fight, but Tootoo and the Red Wings won the war...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Canes look to take home opener against the Bolts

Ward defending against FLA's Jonathan Huberdeau (AP)

RALEIGH – The Carolina Hurricanes are looking to erase an “Opening Day” loss to Florida in their home opener.

The Canes take on the Tampa Bay Lightning at PNC Arena Tuesday night. Puck drops at 7:00pm. This will be the first of five meetings between the Southeast Division rivals in the 48-game, 2012-13 regular season. 

In the first game back from a tremendously long 113-day lockout, it’s hard to believe that any team would automatically be in Stanley Cup-contender form. Most of the Canes roster stayed active during the lockout, but playing against your teammates and playing against the defending Southern Division champions are two different things.

First game, it’s tough to get real crisp right off the bat,” Eric Staal told the (Raleigh) News & Observer after the Panthers’ game.

Canes goalie Cam Ward gave up four goals on the first eleven shots, and backup goalie Dan Ellis made his Carolina debut (came from Anaheim) just after the first intermission. Many fans wondered if Ellis would start against the Bolts.

Cam’s in, he’s in tomorrow. He’s the starter. After watching the games over the weekend, there’s gotta be a good six or seven goalies that have been pulled already – good goalies, All-Star goalies. It’s the toughest from what it appears so far on the goaltenders more than anybody,” said Canes’ head coach KirkMuller after Monday’s practice. “I think what’s important is he bounces back mentally, rolls up his sleeves, gets ready, and works through this like the other goalies. I said forget about it, it’s done, and just focus on the opener.

Two questions - can Eric Staal finally get on track for the Canes, and can Carolina's defense stop Steven Stamkos?

One cool thing that the Storm Squad and Stormy are doing on Opening Night though, every fan in attendance will receive a Carolina Hurricanes 2’x3’ house flag, presented by PNC. 

There's a storm coming...hopefully...

WHAT: Carolina Hurricanes 0-1-0 (0 pts.) vs. Tampa Bay Lightning 1-1-0 (2 pts.)
WHEN: Tuesday, Jan. 22, 7 p.m. ET
WHERE: PNC Arena, Raleigh, NC

TV: SportSouth HD – Time Warner Cable: 520(SD)/1520(HD); DirecTV – Eastern NC: 647/647-1; DirecTV – SC, Western/Central NC: 650/650-1; Dish Network: 452; AT&T U-Verse: 729/1729; Mediacom: 19; Atlantic Telephone: 260

RADIO: Hurricanes Radio Network: WCMC 99.9 FM The Fan (Raleigh – flagship); WWNB 1490AM/105.7FM (New Bern, NC); WAVQ 1400 (Jacksonville, NC); WMFD 630AM (Wilmington, NC)