Sunday, January 13, 2013

ICYMI: Half Court Money Shot Fail

Please forgive us if you've seen this, but we've been busy celebrating Brother Jon's wedding this weekend and haven't been spending much time on the Interwebs....

Friday night brought a "Half Court" money shot highlight rarely seen in these...or any other parts.

It happened at halftime Friday night in the Atlanta Hawks/Utah Jazz game in Atlanta. The guy picked from the crowd had a chance to win $1000, by making a half court shot.

And he made a good try, launching the ball with a full-on throw that as you'll see on the video, headed straight for the hoop.

Until it got stuck....on the back of the rim. Between the rim and the backboard.

And it didn't move.

Credit the Hawks halftime entertainment guy for knocking the shot in and paying the guy. It was funny. It was something you don't see every day. And that's why we are sharing it.

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