Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So... Did A-Rod Or Didn't A-Rod Take Recent PED's...???

((HT: Miami New Times/Elfrink))

According to Tim Elfrink's Miami New Times article, a three-month investigation into the Biogenesis clinic near the University of Miami campus has yielded some big names in its net- including Alex Rodriguez who has stated publicly that he's been off the PED train for almost ten years...

Remember the Peter Gammons interview...???
((HT: ESPN/youtube))

Anthony Bosch ran Biogenesis and has somewhat disappeared when a list of names that's fairly well known in baseball circled as part of an alleged client list given to the New Times- Melky Cabrera, Oakland A's hurler Bartolo Colón, Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez and Texas Rangers slugger Nelson Cruz.

From Elfrink:

The notebooks and client lists aren't the only evidence linking Rodriguez to Bosch. Former employees say Bosch would openly brag about selling drugs to Rodriguez.

"He was always talking about A-Rod," says one former employee who asked not to be named. "We never saw any athletes in the office, so we didn't know if he was just talking bullshit or not. But he would brag about how tight they were."

The two connections to all of the athletes and Biogenesis seem to be that they all had a hook with the UM program and they possibly caught once before by Major League Baseball on an investigation of some degree.

But whether or not Biogenesis has actually helped Rodriguez is another matter as his body seems to be breaking down more consistently these days. The HQ rubs its chin and wonders aloud why that is...

He has not played a full season with the Yankees since 2007 and had his second lowest batting average in his career last season. He played in only 122 games before going on the DL. He also hasn't hit more than 30 HR in a season since 2008.

The Yankees owe Rodriguez $114 million over the five years left on his current contract. When it expires, Rodriguez will be 41-years-old. He will, at that point, be one very expensive designated hitter...

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