Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vandy's James Franklin Calls Nick Saban "Nicky Satan"



What is this? The head coach at Vanderbilt talking smack about perennial national championship coach Nick Saban?

Yup, that's exactly what he appears to have done.

James Franklin was speaking to Central High School in Macon, Georgia when called Alabama's head coach, Nicky Satan.


It was spoken within the context of outworking "The Man" himself, but hmmmm...wonder how that will go over in Tuscaloosa?

Granted, we don't think Saban really will care one way or the other. But you can be darn skippy that the 'Bama fanbase is going to bring it up. As will the Alabama media who pretty much report on even the smallest of slights.

Vandy's been making some noise in the SEC, with back to back bowl seasons in, well, the first time ever. And it's probably not such a bad thing Vandy and Alabama don't play this upcoming season either.

Props to Franklin for being aggressive and aiming high. We don't know if the Nicky Satan thing was such a good idea publicly, but nice set of cojones there James.

Here's your video:

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