Thursday, January 17, 2013

Te'o Day 2: "A Very Good Actor..." (PM UPDATE with Te'o Family Reax)

((HT: Pepper On Sports))

Jackie Pepper caught up with a teammate of Te'o and it appears, on some flanks, that the story about Lennay Kekua was doubted by some of those who were around him every day...

From Pepper:

The source said while the players discussed their suspicions amongst themselves, they never confronted Te’o.

“We would never bring it up. But we would look at him when he would get all emotional during media about his girl,” the player said.

When asked if he thought Te’o was a good actor, the player replied, “Very good.”

Deadspin's Tim Burke is making the rounds this morning, and rightfully so, about how the site got to devote the resources they did to break the Te'o story. Here's his appearance on the "Dan Patrick Show..."

Pete Thamel also went on the @DPShow and said that Te'o stood up in front of his whole team and talked about Kekua after her death...

Word is leaking out from various sources that it may be Jeremy Schaap that gets the one-on-one... that would be interesting...

More when we know more...

1130 UPDATE: The ESPN interview, according to Bonnie Bernstein and others, has been "scrapped..."

2300 UPDATE: Clay Travis over at Outkick The Coverage has tracked down a radio interview that the uncle of Manti Te'o, Alema, did for a Salt Lake City radio station.

The interview is hyah... and it's over 30 minutes long...

Alema Te'o brings forth the gambit that it's all Ronaiah Tuiasosopo who is in charge of all this puppeteering...

From Travis:

"Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is a liar, he concocted the whole thing, there's no doubt in my mind." Later, he continued, "He lied every step of the way." Furthermore, Alama said, "This isn't the first time he's done this." He continued, "Lie after lie after lie, there's no way in the world this guy can be trusted. Ronaiah, if you're listening to me bud, you're a liar and a dishonest man."

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