Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Report: Joe Vitt: "Gregg Williams Wanted Players To Take Out Opposing Coaches"

Gregg Williams

Really? Gregg Williams did what?

According to a report in Wednesday's New Orleans Times-Picayune, New Orleans Saints Assistant Coach Joe Vitt made some strong allegations against former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who is accused of running a bounty program.

Among the nuggets the paper found after obtaining Vitt's testimony with former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue: Williams once promised to reward players for knocking down or going for the knees of opposing teams assistant coaches if on or near the sidelines.

Vitt says he went behind Williams and told players to not even think about actually doing that.

The story goes on to describe former assistant Mike Cerrulo as a "liar" and "idiot" who scared his fellow assistant coaches and head coach Sean Payton.

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We find it less than coincidental that (a) the Super Bowl is about to be played in New Orleans where commissioner Roger Goodell is reviled and (b) Williams is up for a job as an assistant coach job with the Tennessee Titans.

If Vitt's allegations are even remotely true, Williams has no business ever coaching again. Yes, he served a 1-year suspension, but this may even be too much to get him back. Seriously, why would any time go through having him on their sidelines.

Sure, we get football is a violent game, and yeah, some odd things happen on the field. But going after coaches? Seriously?

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