Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mayor KJ Gets Meeting With NBA Board of Governors Over Sac Kings

For the second year in a row...

Kevin Johnson had to do this last year to keep the Sacramento Kings from going to Anaheim and be owned by the Samueli family. Now, he's having to defend his town and arena against the Maloof brothers desire to take the Kings north to Seattle.

This morning, at the State of Downtown Breakfast, Johnson admitted that he's in a "six-week sprint" to keep the team around and not have them move and leave the only downtown arena devoid of a client.

The league deadline for relocation for any franchise is March 1...

Here's the breakfast...
((HT: KOVR-TV/CBS Sacramento))

Remember, the brokered deal between the city and the Maloofs – negotiated by Stern and league lawyers – fell apart last year. So, all three sides are on borrowed time.

The price tag, right now, for the Kings is in the $500 million to $525 million range, and Johnson said the Maloofs would still have to repay a $77 million loan to the city and other lenders if they leave.

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