Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OSG High: Just What Notre Dame Needs, Another Misunderstanding...

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Stanley Williams is, what draftniks call, a four-star runningback for George Walton Academy- about an hour outside of OSG HQ...

Evidence below...
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He declared to UGA a while back, but allegedly took a visit to Notre Dame to take a look at South Bend...

He was even quoted on going by Rivals:

“The visit went great,” Williams told Blue and Gold Illustrated. “It was great to experience something new and different, and we had a great time at the game. I had been looking forward to it for a while, and it was great to just get out there and see a new place. I plan on getting up there a couple more times in the future.

“Before I took the visit I was very interested in them since they were coming by my school and showing interest in me. After taking the visit there, they are definitely high up there on my list and a factor in my recruitment. They’re definitely an option for me to go to. I’m just looking forward to continuing building our relationship.”

One problem... he never went... and was attributed to the following quote

“I felt a lot of pressure to say I had went on the visit...”

In an interview with ESPN's Radi Nabulsi, Williams went on the offensive on the Blue and Gold report:

“Those are incorrect. I never told anyone I was going anywhere I wouldn't be. I approach the media well, and I tell the truth about my recruitment." Williams also said it was a "misunderstanding."

And the last thing Notre Dame's campus needs right now is ANOTHER misunderstanding...

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