Monday, January 14, 2013

NC State's Wheelchair Court Stormer Enjoying His 15 Minutes

NC State student and fan Will Privette is getting his 15 minutes of fame.
Privette was the guy in the wheelchair that stormed the court after NC State upset Duke Saturday 84-76 at PNC Arena and was toppled in the chaos at mid-court.
Here’s Privette’s perspective of storming the court from his camera phone.

Privette told the Raleigh News Observer, “I was about to get crushed, but once C.J. saw me, he started pushing everyone away.  Then he just picked me up and he was jumping up and down and I just kept patting him on the head and saying, ‘Thank you.’ ”
Privette, who’s a student at NC State, appeared on ACC Live on the ACC Digital Network discussing his new found fame and his experience in the “Red Sea.”

Perhaps storming the court is not a good idea for a person in a wheelchair but you have to love the enthusiasm.  Next time Privette might want to, dare I say, put the brakes on doing that again.

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