Monday, January 28, 2013

Would Fulmer Return To ETSU...???

((HT: Johnson City Press/Williams))

Safe to say, the HQ knows that Phillip Fulmer would come back to coach football. He intimated as much at a recent Boys and Girls Clubs fundraiser in northeast Tennessee.

From Williams:

“I’ve always said I would coach again if the right opportunity presented itself. I would coach again, but it would have to be a real unique situation.

“We’ll see,” Fulmer said. “I would certainly be willing to help any way that I can as they look at whatever is out there.”

Fulmer is going to keep an eye on the situation as it may (or may not) develop in Johnson City. The Buccaneers dropped football back in 2003, thought about bringing it back in 2007, didn't bring it back, and are now thinking about doing it all over again.

Dr. Brian Noland is the current president at East Tennessee State. He told Kelly Hodge of the Press, back in December, that the school looks to have football in place by 2016:

“The process will begin in January as we move into a new semester,” he said. “We’ve already begun the data collection, financial reviews and looked at feasibility studies other institutions have conducted. If it’s the will of the community to move forward on football — and I anticipate that’s where we’re heading — we could start filling staff positions in 2013.”

Here's some Bucs highlights from the 1996 season to keep your interest in the short term. Brandon Walker was Southern Conference Freshman of the Year over some guy named Randy Moss...

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