Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To Build Or Not To Build... The New GTA Centre Moves On... NHL Expands To 32 To Do It...???

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The idea is there... to build another arena in the Greater Toronto area...
This time in the suburb of Markham where the former boss of Bauer Hockey is looking to make another opportunity for pro hockey in the Golden Horsehoe...

Last night, in Markham, the city council was having a contentious meeting as to whether or not to proceed with funding, building, and otherwise get things moving to build the thing.

Former NHLPA big-wig Paul Kelly spoke to the group and asked to build it- almost guaranteeing the tenant...
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Kelly made the rounds this morning with anyone willing to listen to his pied-piperness on the subject- including FOSG Jim Lang on the Fan590:

"I just [explained] to the council and to the citizens that you really don’t get many opportunities to at least have a shot at landing an NHL franchise. These windows come, and while they’re there you’ve got to take advantage of them. And frankly, this is Markham’s time. If they ever hope to land a second team in the Greater Toronto Area, this is the best opportunity they will have.”

Kelly's hook depends on the idea of expanding to 32 teams, but at the same time, there are so many franchises in flux that the concept of being a relocation site would be an easy play.

The vote to keep the idea alive passed by a 7-6 margin. That means the C$325-million project moves ahead, with Markham taxpayers on the hook for half the cost of the complex.

CTV News caught up with FOSG Howard Bloom to discuss a second franchise.

CBC's Monica Platek collected a lot of opinions on the idea as the night went through...

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