Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sewage Backs Up In Oakland Coliseum Again

((HT: KGO-TV))

Remember, this happened back in June of this year and caused some creative dressing situations for the Oakland A's and their opponents...

For the second time this summer, raw sewage has backed up into the team's facilities inside the Coliseum. The first time, it required clean-up and new carpeting. It happened again in the dugout during the team's 2-1 win over the Angels yesterday.

Stadium maintenance is looking for the cause.
Of course, they are...

And if this doesn't reinforce the A's and the Raiders wanting to look for a new home- in locations the teams already have scouted and are ready to build in- the HQ won't know what will...

Wednesday morning, two plumbers were in the guilty bathroom, taking out water that had overflowed from a toilet because automatic sensors were not functioning- according to VP of Stadium Operations Dave Rinetti.

It was, apparently, an easy clean up. But someone has started a new Twitter account - @ColiseumSewage

The tag line being "overflowing with love for the Oakland A's."


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