Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jeff Fisher Doesn't Like Bernie Kosar At the Moment

((HT: Fox 2 St Louis))

Bernie Kosar was the color analyst for the Cleveland Browns Thursday night in their game against the St. Louis Rams and he didn't hold anything back...


On a Sam Bradford incompletion to Tavon Austin: "I really think that he didn't overthrow him and that Austin has to make that catch in the NFL. I see why Sam Bradford has been struggling watching how bad these receivers have been for him."

After a Nick Johnson drop: "This is actually not a bad throw. These St. Louis receivers are horrible. That's a drop there."

On receivers coach Ray Sherman:

"I'm checking through the itinerary here of guys and coaches to see who the receivers coach is to make sure I don't know who this guy is because he's not doing very good either."

He also slapped back-up QB Kellen Clements around, too...

Jeff Fisher was asked about Kosar's comments. Fisher admitted he lost a "lot of respect" for the ex-Browns QB...

Here's Fishers response on tape...

Don't think the two families will be exchanging holiday cards, do you...???

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