Sunday, August 18, 2013

Victim 5 First To Settle With Penn State

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The inevitability in the Jerry Sandusky case is hitting Penn State a little harder now...

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Susan Snyder has the story of Victim 5's case against Penn State University now is settled for the ever-popular undisclosed amount.

It's the first of a reported 26 settlements expected among 31 young men who have claims over the former Penn State coach's actions and the school’s lack of a response until everything came cascading into the public view.

Victim 5's attorney, Tom Kline, told the Associated Press that his client attached his claim to Penn State, so the school would have a better shot at getting their money back from other sources more closely connected to Sandusky like his "The Second Mile" charity.

From Snyder:

Because the assault occurred so soon after the McQueary report and took place on campus, it was considered pivotal in reaching a settlement agreement with other victims, said Michael K. Rozen, a lawyer hired by the university to help settle the cases.

"The pivotal issue from the university's perspective in dealing with the victims is where the incident occurred and when it occurred proximate to the 2001 shower incident," Rozen said. " 'Number 5' is probably the singular one of the claims that has come to the university's attention where it absolutely, positively could have been stopped."

Sandusky is serving a 30 to 60-year state prison sentence for child molestation and related offenses.

Here's CNN coverage just as the Sandusky guilty verdict was reached...

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