Saturday, August 24, 2013

Urban Meyer Has Issues With Color

"I'm not colorblind!"

Okay, this is your stupid thing of the day.

Well, unless you are an Ohio State fan, but if you are, you don't see this the same way the other 99% of the universe does anyway.

It appears that if you are an NFL Scout or media member or anyone else visiting an Ohio State practice, you are not allowed to wear the color blue.

Yes, blue.

According to coach whiny--uh---Urban Meyer, that's because blue is associated with the Buckeyes arch rival, Michigan.

Nice and adult there....

The other part of this issue, according to a report from Fox Sports Ohio, the school didn't exactly make this clear to visitors. Which is why several NFL scouts attending tOSU's 1st day of practice earlier in the month, were not happy.

Read the original story RIGHT HERE

Not only were they ordered to change clothes, they were derided on the field.

Now, that being said, Ohio State maniac, in the interest of disclosure, those same scouts said they weren't ticked about the policy, only that it wasn't made abundantly clear beforehand.

We will add that there is an unspoken rule for media covering teams NOT to wear the gear of the team they are covering, or any other team while covering sports, that rule is often ignored.

And honestly, we do get where they (Ohio St) are coming from and if the team and coaches choose not to wear blue, that is their choice, no issues or questions. Making outsiders adhere to such a
"Policy", is just plain rude to visitors who could care less about the rivalry, who doesn't like whom or whatever else this petty gesture is all about....

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