Sunday, August 25, 2013

The New York Jets are Stupid

You know, we've grown weary over the past couple of seasons being bombarded with non-stop, blow-by-blow, stupid mistake-by-stupid mistake coverage of the hapless New York Jets.

And every time we think the ESPN and NBC Sports of the world are going to finally figure out nobody outside New York likes or cares about the ineptitude of the Jets, we get this.

Saturday night during the teams exhibition game with the New York Giants, which the Jets actually  won, head coach Rex Ryan made another in his long list of bizarre coaching decisions.

Inexplicably, Ryan put the man most think would be the starting QB for the team, Mark Sanchez (he of the butt fumble), back in the exhibition game in the 4th quarter with the backups instead of 3rd teamer Matt Simms.

And almost immediately, Sanchez got hurt. He was hit by the Giants Marvin Austin and came off the field with what appeared to be a pretty significant shoulder injury.

Granted, there was no guarantee that Sanchez would be the starter when the season begins, the massive media throng covering the team has been hoping rookie QB Geno Smith would get the nod. But Smith played like a green rookie throwing 3 INT's during the game and pulling a Dan Orlovsky by stepping out of his own end zone trying to complete a pass.


As dumb as the Ryan move was, it got worse when he got kinda defensive about it at his press conference:

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