Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Bowl Game in the Bahamas?



Last year there weren't enough 6-6 college football teams to play in the over-abudance of post-season exhibitions--uh, we mean bowl games, so they allowed a few 5-7 and 6-7 teams.

But yet today, the NCAA allowed more bowl games.

ESPN.com's Brett McMurphy reports that beginning next season, there will be bowl games in Boca Raton, Florida and Nassau, Bahamas.

Yes, the Bahamas.

The games will have ties to Conference USA and bring the bowl game total to 38.


We don't really know. We assume there is a call for such a thing. The Boca game will be played at Florida Atlantic's new facility, the Bahamas game, uh...15,000 seat Thomas Robertson stadium. Which, is interesting.

We've been to Nassau twice on scuba diving trips and had nary the idea such a stadium existed.

Yet it apparently does.

We also don't understand exactly how these games will be filled. Though our guess is that it will be from the mildly successful teams in C-USA and say, the Sun Belt.

Because in College Football, though a 7-5 record with no conference title will get you a pretty decent bowl game, in the smaller D-1 leagues, it might not.

So...since there apparently is a large enough segment of the population who is completely lacking in having any life and will watch anything that has the word "Football" attached on T.V, our friends at the 4-letter helped these two games be born.

Good luck.

And if you are playing in the Bahamas bowl, we hope you enjoy conch and bring your scuba gear.

Some pre-travel planning advice from your friends at OSG Sports:

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