Friday, August 30, 2013

Fresno State Wins A Wild Season Opener, Happy Ending For Derek Carr

Pardon Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr if throwing a touchdown pass in overtime to Greg Watson to defeat Rutgers 52-51 wasn't the biggest thrill.

Carr newborn son Dallas had spend the last three weeks in an intensive care unit at Children's Hospital Central California after being born with a digestive tract defect.

Football for Derek Carr has been way down the priority scale. The health of his newborn son weighted on Carr's mind.

Carr and his wife Heather's prayers were answered. Surgeons were able to repair Dallas' defect and Tuesday he was able to go home.

Thursday night Carr torched the Rutgers defense going 53-74 for 470 yards and five touchdowns.  None more important that his 25 yard touchdown pass to Greg Watson on the first play of overtime that proved to be the game winner.

That led to a wild celebration in the Bulldog locker room.

"I'll tell you right now it reminds me of everything I went through with my son." Carr said.  "You have your son and you are at the highest of highs, I can't even explain it. He had his surgery and everything I went through, you know the story. Praise God, that's all I can tell you. I could go on and preach to you, but I know you don't want to hear that. Thank God for what happened today. My son is home now and after that game it was just like that relief. I sat there and balled my eyes out. I guess he has made me a little soft."

"He (Derek Carr) is the real deal." Fresnso State head coach Tim DeRuyter said. "He had ice in veins. This year he can make plays with his feet, unlike last year. I thought our protection, except for maybe one or two plays, was excellent. When he gets that kind of protection, he feels confident to get the ball where it needs to go and we got some frisbee catching dogs that will go get it."

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