Thursday, August 15, 2013

Arena Fans Rejoice: The LA Kiss Are Officially A Team

So, did you know the Arena Football league still exists? That they are still playing indoor arena football and their championship game is coming up here next week?

Yeah...thought so.

Well, you might pay attention to them now. And we bet the mainstream media will too.

The reason: Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of the legendary rock group KISS have gone in halfsies with the Arena league on a new Los Angeles based franchise.

And yes, they'll be named the L.A Kiss (Insert joke here)

Read more from USAToday RIGHT HERE

They have a website too (pictured here) you can go there by clicking on THIS LINK

The team will kick off the 2014 Arena Season at the Honda Center in Orange County, California.

We are guessing that you'll see some in house entertainment at some point during the season and we're pretty sure it will feature the music group of the same name.

No, we, nor anyone else know if the players will have to play in full make-up, but that would be pretty darn funny, at least until they start sweating and the make-up started to run. (Your welcome for the imagery)

In case you are under 25 and have never heard of KISS, they've been around since the mid-1970's.

This is what they do:


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