Monday, August 26, 2013

OSG High: Florida HS FB Coach Suspended For In Game Slap

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First, let's show you what went down as the cause of all this...

What's your first response...???


Because of what you just saw, Mark Guandolo- head coach of the Cypress Bay High team- is now suspended for three days and two weeks of extra-curricular activities after slapping his quarterback Lucas Tellefsen on national television in a 38-14 loss.

But, if you ask parents and players, they're mostly in support of Coach Guandolo- regardless of the incident...

Lucas' father, Eric Tellefsen, told Christy Cabrera Chirinos of the Sun-Sentinel newspaper- "We’re 110 percent fine with this. We don’t want anything to happen to Coach G. He means the world to the school and this football team and he wants nothing but the best for these kids. It’s an unfortunate circumstance.

"We love Coach G. He’s coached two of my older sons that are in college on football scholarships,” the older Tellefsen said. “There’d be a line wrapped around the corner if you called his players and wanted to know what he’s done for them.”

Guandolo told the Sun-Sentinel: "It’s disappointing and it’s not something I’m proud of,” an emotional Guandolo said. “I have great respect for the kid. I was trying to get him ready and fire him up. It was his first start ever and emotions were running high. He had people coming at him and there’s no easy way to get him ready for that.

“I was just trying to fire him up, but you can’t do it in today’s day and age.”

But what this does do is raise the question of where the line is these days for coaches and discipline for their players...

What say you on discipline...???
The HQ anticipates a generational divide...

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