Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Whoa! Oregon State With Possibly Worst Hype Video Ever


Parents, please be careful that you don't watch this with your kids. There is a good possibility, they'll be scarred for life.

Sure, we, like most everyone else gets a kick out of seeing "Hype" or Dance videos created to pump up a College Football team or their fans.

But sometimes an idea that sounded fairly good on paper, doesn't necessarily translate so well to video.

Take this one produced by Oregon State for example--

In no particular order, it features:

A Beaver

A guy with a chainsaw looking vaguely Texas Chainsaw Massacare-ish

A group of people with chainsaws appearing to be pulling them, much in the manner one might do to--shall we say--pleasure themselves.


And did we say a Beaver?

While we get the reference of Beaver's chopping down trees, visually, it doesn't translate so well. Neither do the semi-diverse cheerleaders or for that matter the alleged creepy looking lumberjacks...

But the video still lives. Watch at your own risk:

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