Friday, August 24, 2012

Is Roger Clemens coming back with the Astros?


Well, the thought of Roger Clemens coming back to pitch for the Houston Astros has at least been discussed.

We know this because Astros owner Jim Crane admitted as much to Fox 26 TV in Houston on Thursday.

Crane says he and his staff are preparing for the possibility the multiple Cy Young winning 50-year old shows up on the mound at Minute Maid Park. Though Crane says he'll "Have extensive discussions with Major League Baseball" before he pulls the trigger.

Oh, he also made it a point to say "This isn't a Publicity Stunt".

Yeah...sure it isn't.

Read the entire story from RIGHT HERE

Clemens will pitch for the Sugar Land Skeeters on Saturday and no, he isn't denying the talk. He thinks if it goes well, it "Could lead to bigger things", things he says he'll discuss later. 

Crane just basically confirmed the speculation by opening his pie hole. And since his Astros are by a LARGE margin the worst team in baseball and closing in on worst team in history territory, they've got nothing to lose. It sure sounds like he's planning on doing this...unless Clemens looks terrible on Saturday.

Why not trot out a 50-year old legend who can still throw in the mid 80's and see if he can put some butts in seats? Crane says most of the money will go to local charities which is nice, but it is still all about getting attention. Attention for his woebegone franchise and more importantly, a chance to provide Clemens an opportunity to rehab his image. (Unless he gets shelled)

Stay tuned, we're guessing this story will be around awhile.

Here's a story on Clemens's re-emergence from CBS News (because Fox doesn't believe in video on their websites)

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