Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Mutherf*@$!'n truth: Samuel L. Jackson at UGA Practice

Courtesy: @WeRunThisState
((ht: WeRunThisState))

Well, well, well. It appears the University of Georgia had a visitor at practice this week in Sanford Stadium. That visitor appears, at least by the photo, to be none other than Samuel L. Jackson his-ownself.

We think the picture, provided by @WeRunThisState (UGA Football's official Twitter account) on Twitter was taken at Wednesday's scrimmage, but thus far, we've seen no report to confirm this. That's Bulldog head coach Mark Richt with his back to you.

And really, there isn't any special reason we mention this other than we think Samuel L. Jackson epitomizes "Cool" and we are guessing his appearance probably went over pretty well out there in Athens.

We're guessing this wasn't part of his pep talk to the team: (but how cool would it be if it was)

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