Monday, August 13, 2012

Jose Canseco finally loses his mind (OK, maybe he did awhile ago)

We couldn't pass this story up, mostly because Jose Canseco was once a promising Major League Baseball player and has somehow devolved into a bizarre, desperate for attention, whack job.

And there is a reason we say this.
Jose Canseco

Jose, or at least somebody pretending to be him, appears to have written an article for a magazine called Again, we have to qualify it because to be honest, we aren't sure Canseco is capable of writing a somewhat coherent column for a magazine.

Which isn't to imply this story is totally coherent.

In fact, if it is truly the former Bash Brothers handiwork, then it appears he's lost whatever marbles he had left.

Because the story he's written, is about time travel. Not for someone else. No, for him.

Read the story for yourself RIGHT HERE

Ok. They story itself is actually written in a a semi-literate, coherent manner. Which makes us wonder how legit it is. We think (qualifier), that this is either satire or an odd joke. And it is kind of amusing.

Truthfully, he's actually just talking about his dreams. And yeah, like anyone of his ilk, they are sort of bizarre. But put in the context of what is happened to the disgraced and discredited, "King of Steroids", it explains several things.

Just, we suppose, something to think about.

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