Saturday, August 11, 2012

NCAA Checking Auburn Recruit HS Transcript

((HT: WREG-TV Memphis))

On the off chance it's part of a scandal going on inside the Memphis City Schools (MCS) involving a counselor that recently resigned over a "faked" transcript.

And while the name of the athlete in question hasn't been made public the Memphis Commercial Appeal and others are saying the athlete is Jovon Robinson- a recruit from Memphis-Wooddale currently enrolled at Auburn.

All MCS will say is that there was a resignation but won't say who the counselor is (or was).

Memphis City Schools released the following statement:

“On Tuesday afternoon, district staff was contacted by NCAA officials regarding an alleged falsified transcript of a former Wooddale High School student athlete.

Dr. Cash assigned select district staff to begin an immediate investigation. Meanwhile, a school guidance counselor has admitted to creating the fraudulent transcript. The counselor has resigned from Memphis City Schools, however, the investigation is ongoing.

Know that the District has clear and strict policies and procedures regarding student transcripts.

Academic fraud is not and will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly and accordingly.

Robinson is sitting out pending a review by the NCAA...
Here's what the Plains thought they were getting...
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