Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Graham Spanier (former Penn St prez) goes on the Offensive

Well, it certainly took awhile.

A mere 2 months after the scathing Freeh Report from Penn State that vilified former school President Graham Spanier, Spanier finally is responding.

Wednesday morning one of his lawyers held a Press Conference in Philadelphia saying that the Freeh Report on how the Jerry Sandusky scandal was handled was "Nothing short of absurd" and that there was nothing in it that incriminated his client.

And...he's right, his client isn't charged with anything other than ignoring warnings of a sexual predator in his midst on the premise of "Protecting the Penn State Way". Which for some strange reason seems to be everyone's defense of this. Now, yes, we are aware the Grand Jury in Centre County may be investigating him, but thus far, no charges are forthcoming. gives us the laughable details of the presser RIGHT HERE

Oh...did we mention that Spanier was interviewed by Josh Elliot of ABC and the interview "Coincidentally" will be airing Wednesday night?

ABC is trumpeting the "Get" with a press release which you can read RIGHT HERE


First thought: This is an attempt to try and salvage Spanier's career in academia. And it's already too late. Does anyone not think this is the pleading of a desperate man? If Spanier is so "Innocent" why was there not an "Immediate" retort? Could we have possibly been plotting a way to respond while not trying to sound as guilty as he does in the Freeh Report?

We kind of hate to publicize stuff like this, but it's all over the mainstream media now. And we'll get a full day of breathless ABC teases saying things like "Graham Spanier, what did he know about Jerry Sandusky? He speaks to our Josh Elliot, that story LIVE at 6:30"

And yeah, if we weren't on vacation, we'd probably watch...

Here's the WHP-TV version...

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  1. WOW! I guess any ignoramus can write a sports blog.