Monday, August 13, 2012

Honey Badger to stay at LSU or not?


This kind of depends on who you believe.'s Joe Schad reported on Monday that former LSU standout Tyrann Mathieu was considering staying at LSU after being dismissed from the football team late last week. reports that is indeed NOT true and not even possible. They quote sources as saying Mathieu is returning to home in New Orleans while investigating a move to FCS school McNeese State.

The question is: Who do you believe?

The story is RIGHT HERE

The story is RIGHT HERE

OSG Sports reported on Friday that even if Mathieu was dismissed as a 3rd drug violation, he would be forced to sit out for one season. But not forced to leave school, never to return.

You can read that story RIGHT HERE

Quite frankly, we think it's absurd Mathieu would sit out, then return to LSU, though stranger things have happened. There is no reason to believe that his sights are set on a career in the NFL and sitting out for at least a season for bad behavior will only hurt his cause.

No, he can go to McNeese, dominate there and write his own ticket, checkered history or not. Playing at the FCS level would not inhibit him getting to the NFL and as long as he behaves, there are a lot of things that pro teams will overlook, right or wrong.

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