Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Team Dysfunction: Yahoo Sports says Red Sox don't like Bobby V.

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Well, really, are there a lot of people outside of ESPN who do like Bobby Valentine? Or at least it appears to be that way.

This after a report from Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports on a Boston Red Sox players and ownership team meeting where the team allegedly made the sentiment known in a vocal way.

Passan reports that in July, a text message from slugger Adrian Gonzalez helped trigger a players meeting with team president Larry Lucchino and owner John Henry.

And no, this appears not to have been a surprise to pretty much anyone.

Read the Yahoo Sports/Passan story in its entirety RIGHT HERE

Okay, now that we are done laughing, we'll explain why this is ridiculously funny.

It just proves the old adage that money doesn't always buy team chemistry. Yeah, sure, if you have an owner with deep pockets, you can spend $150 million plus a year on a roster. And if you are lucky, the guys won't have big enough egos to let that get in their way.

But it rarely happens.

That's why nobody is shocked at the dysfunction in Boston. That's why nobody is surprised a part of the team turned on the manager from the minute he walked in the door.

It doesn't help that because of the salaries, the team gets put under a BIG media microscope. Up in the Northeast, they don't always ask "How are you going to get out of your hitting slump?" rather it's "Why can't you hit?" or "Who's fault is it that the team pitching is struggling?"

No, as fans of a team that doesn't have unlimited resources, we'll just sit back and laugh at this. Because it happens every year. Not always to the Boston's of the world, but it always happens to someone. And this time your fall guy is going to either be Bobby Valentine or 75% or the Red Sox roster.

Wonder who will win?

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