Thursday, August 16, 2012

Notre Dame "Shamrock Series" Uni's are an embarassment

It's never going to stop, is it?

The continuing trend of College's breaking with their "Traditional" uniform looks to try the new "Modern" look from whatever Sporting Goods company sponsors them.

The latest guinea pigs, possibly the most traditional of all: Notre Dame.

Take a look at the helmet here.

What do you think about that? How many shades of wrong is it (a) to have a logo of any kind on the helmet and (b) for it to look like something out of the vintage B-Movie "Leprechaun"?

Oh, and just so you know...that is only half the helmet. The other half is the traditional Notre Dame gold, only it's mottled like a football. So...essentially it looks like a crazed graphic designer couldn't make up their collective mind.

The other half is in the other picture: The Jersey.

The Adidas sponsored look is remarkably similar to what Nike has put out for their teams. And really, it's not nearly as offensive as the helmet. It looks modern, it looks streamlined and doesn't have the bizarre Navy Blue logo of the Notre Dame Leprechaun on it.

The new look is supposed to be for their new "Shamrock Series" that kicks off this season with a game vs. The University of Miami at Soldier Field in Chicago on October 6th.

And yes, when push comes to shove it's a marketing gimmick. A total, complete and creepy looking marketing gimmick.

We've made no secret of our general disdain for Notre Dame, mostly based on their overrated by the national press status. But we also understand they have a HUGE fanbase. And that fanbase is more than willing to spend money. Based on the plan here, we're guessing that is exactly what Adidas...and apparently the school seem to be banking on.

This is what the helmet reminds us of:

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