Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cee Lo Green: Your NFL Network Thursday Night Football Theme Singer

We are pretty sure he won't be singing the unedited version of his most popular song either.

According to reports, and because you KNOW you want to know, the NFL Network has a new singer for it's Thursday night game theme song.

And you are probably asking yourself; "Why does this concern me?" It doesn't.

We just wanted to mention it because we generally enjoy Cee Lo's work. Though we aren't big fans of the "Game Night Theme Song" thing, we'll be curious to see how it sounds. Yeah, we know Hank Williams Jr. was, Monday Night Football (until he got foot in mouth disease) and Faith Hill still slinks her way through the Sunday Night open, but honestly, we really think this just makes it all look like a movie spoof.

There is no REAL need to have a "Theme Song" NFL fans are either going to watch or they aren't. And no, this isn't going to get the casual fan, again, people will watch, or they won't.

But gimmicks are gimmicks and as long as this one doesn't stray into the breathless coverage of Tim Tebow's every move category (see ESPN), then we are okay with it.

On the odd chance you aren't familiar with Cee Lo, well take a listen:

Here's the clean version of his most popular song: (Sorry, you'll have to find unedited yourself)

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